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We save time, money, and people with
Pre-engineered Fall Protection Systems.

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Simplified Safety is your source for fall protection products and solutions. We specialise in providing pre-engineered fall protection solutions. Pre-engineered means that you will spend less time and money installing your fall protection safety equipment. In addition to saving money, pre-engineered fall protection solutions offer better safety factors and can be trusted more reliably to protect people's lives. Consult with one our fall protection experts today to find out more about what products and solutions will help provided the best protection.

  • Safety Handrail and Guardrail Fall Protection SystemsSafety Handrail & Barriers

    Safety handrail and guardrails are the preferred forms of fall protection because they eliminate the existence of a fall hazard. We have a large variety of safety handrail solutions to help protect people from falls.

    Fall Protection Systems
  • Safe Roof Walkways and Work PlatformsPlatforms & Walkways

    Platforms and walkways make it safer to work at height. We offer roof walkways that provide a safe, sure-footed walking surface. We also offer work platforms that keep elevated workers safely contained.

    Safe Working Platforms
  • Lifeline and Anchor Point Fall Arrest SystemsLifeline & Anchor

    Fall protection lifelines and anchor points take on a number of different forms. We have permanent engineered and pre-engineered lifeline systems, as well as temporary lifeline kits. We carry a large assortment of anchors for attaching to roofs, concrete, I-beams and a number of other structural elements.

    Lifeline Systems