Fall protection systems
that keep you safe and sound

We design and supply straight-forward, easy-to-install systems and equipment for working at height. Our solutions include guardrails and handrails, barriers, self-closing safety gates, mobile man anchors, fragile roof access, platforms, lifelines and PPE.

New products

Key fall protection solutions

Our solutions require no welding or fabrication, which makes them perfect for projects where installation needs to be done quickly on site. We use galvanised steel or aluminium to build these, which makes the products ideal for even the harshest environments.

What sets Simplified Safety apart

Collective fall protection

Focus on passive solutions

We try to make fall protection simple. Most of our systems require no specialised training, protect an unlimited number of workers, and require fewer inspections.

Code Expertise

Industry compliant products

We provide compliant products that will keep you safe at all times. We constantly keep an eye on the health and safety changes and update our product portfolio to reflect this.


Intelligent design

Our products are cleverly designed to suit any kind of layout, while providing optimum safety. Just get in touch to discuss your project.

Explore our range of fall protection solutions

These safety systems will help reduce the risk of fall protection hazards on and around a building:

Kwik Kit barriers

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