Continuous protection

Our horizontal lifeline provides a continuous track that the user clips on to without the need to detach at any point in the journey.

Modular and customizable


This lifeline can be configured to fix onto roofs, walls or ceilings, depending on your safety requirements.



Made of sturdy, industrial grade materials, our lifeline has long term corrosion resistance.


Multiple users

Depending on the configuration, KeeLine can accommodate up to 3 users and allows spans of up to 12m.

Benefits of KeeLine
fall protection lifeline

horizontal lifeline for fall protection

A safe access solution that works for you

KeeLine is a wire-based personal protection system for situations where guardrails are not suitable or where planning considerations require a barely visible fall protection solution.

This horizontal lifeline system provides safe access to any area of a roof (or building, when used as an overhead system) by allowing workers to be permanently attached to the line while being able to freely move around the surface.

Depending on its configuration, KeeLine can accommodate multiple users at the same time, but, compared to collective fall protection systems, requires advanced training on working at height and PPE.

No need to disconnect

Our fixed lifeline provides a continuous track (with no brackets or other elements that would force you to disconnect and reconnect) and is designed to keep you attached to it at all times. This increases safety while you perform your usual inspection or maintenance tasks.

Always make sure that you use lifelines and PPE correctly while working at height; not doing so might severly endager your life.

horizontal lifeline system design
lifeline installed on a wall

Suits any layout

Our engineered lifeline is versatile: designed to suit most roofs, the system can be configured to respond to your specific safety needs.

KeeLine is tested for use on a variety of roof types such as standing seam, membrane or metal profile, but it can also be mounted directly to concrete, steel, brick or stonework in either horizontal or overhead applications.

See our 'Use cases' section to find our more about the types of Kee Line.

Incredibly durable components

KeeLine utilises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and incorporates an inline shock absorber that minimises loads applied to both the user and the building in event of a fall.

What is more, the system has extremely good durability in any kind of weather, which means that, with the appropriate care and periodical inspection, you can enjoy the benefits of the systems for years or even decades to come.

Kee Line components
fixed lifeline

Tests & conformity

KeeLine is fully compliant with the requirements of

  • EN 795:2012
  • CEN TS 16415:2013
  • ANSI Z359 and
  • CSA Z259
and has undergone extensive testing in different roof types, with full third party approval. Testing in roof structure was witnessed by Decra.

KeeLine uses
and configurations



Get a system overview, read about our system's compliance to standards, see components and details on recertification in our brochure.

Full turn-key package

We can help you keep safe while working on the roof - we will configure, deliver and install our lifeline system anywhere in the UK.


Site surveys

Our team can help run remote and on-site surveys to understand if KeeLine is the right product for you. We will put a quote together for you and answer any questions you might have about our products or services.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

Our team offers a full installation service for KeeLine. This includes: conducting a site survey (remotely or on site), advising on a suitable fall protection solution, installing the system for you according to the manufacturer’s specification and answering any questions you may have on the way.

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