Weightanka mobile man anchor
For up to 2 users

Does not penetrate the roof membrane

Suitable for various roof types

Can be used on roofs up to 5° pitch

CE Approved to PPE Directive

Conforms to CLASS E EN 795, BS 7883 & ISO 14567

What is Weightanka?


Weightanka is a non-penetrating, portable, deadweight anchor system designed for use on roofs with up to a 5 degree pitch. It conforms to Class E of EN 795 standards and is approved to meet the PPE Directive.

The system is very quick and easy to assemble and is suitable for up to 2 people working in fall restraint.

Weightanka weights only 250Kg and uses individual, smaller components, with no single item weighting more than 25Kg. The modular construction makes it a very practical and convenient option, easy to lift and carry to and from the point of use. Its base layers are rubber moulded, preventing the pads from peeling at the edges.


Rubber coated base weights provide the maximum friction with the roof membrane.
A single standard weight is made of galvanised steel and weighs 25 kg.
Galvanised steel cross arms give the system stability and define the system shape.
The unit is ideal for short term maintenance operations to flat roofs or to the plant and equipment installed at roof level.
It is best practice to use Weightanka in fall restraint. Weightanka has been designed to be used with an approved shock absorbing rope grab and rope and full body harness to provide safe access at all times.
Weightanka can be used as a temporary system or can be left on the roof of a building permanently.

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