Protects your roof

This rope access system will keep the waterproof membrane of your roof intact as it does not need to be fixed to any surface point.

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Rigurously tested

Designed by fall protection specialists, the system complies with Class B EN 795, BS 7883 and ISO 14567.


Keeps users safe

Accessanka allows for safe access to the sides of a building when this is required for maintenance or servicing.


Install in no time

This system has been designed for easy transportation and installation, with no part over 25 kg or 2 metres.

More than 1000 anchor points installed globally in 2020

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A portable abseiling device
designed for rope access workers

Used with our Weightanka man anchor system, Accessanka allows for safe access to the sides of a building, whereas this is for maintenance, servicing minor repairs or inspection.

rope access system

Helps access hard to reach places

Accessanka is designed to help users reach hard to access places, especially on the sides of a building. Users can utilise this system for abseiling and perform light duty work, as well as undertake façade investigations and surveys. Here are some of the tasks users can tackle when using our rope access system:

  • Running investigations and façade condition surveys of the building
  • Grouting and resin inspections
  • Façade cleaning, painting
  • Minor repairs (however, please note that Accessanka is not designed to lower big and bulky weights).

Fully freestanding

The Accessanka system does not require fixing to the structure to the roof. Fully freestanding, it does not penetrate the roof, which means that the surface will remain intact throughout the use of the system.

Accessanka can only be used with our Weightanka freestanding deadweight anchor.

freestanding rope access system
accessanka rope access

Non-slip system

When correctly installed, Accessanka is extremely stable and will not migrate across the roof surface either in normal use or when arresting the fall of both a worker and a rescuer up to a 200 kg limit.

Thoroughly tested to ensure your safety

Accessanka complies with the following standards and regulations:

  • Class B EN 795
  • BS 7883
  • ISO 14567

non penetrating rope access for roofs



See details of our full Kee Anchor range, which includes Weightanka (portable deadweight anchor), Accessanka (portable deadweight anchor system for rope access) and Wireanka.

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