Protects your roof

This freestanding lifeline system will keep the waterproof membrane of your roof intact as it does not need to attach to any surface point.

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Thorougly tested

Designed by fall protection specialists, the system complies with Class C EN 795 & ISO 14567. CE Approved to PPE Directive. Independently tested.


Use it for decades

Made of industrial strength components, Wireanka withstands even the harshest conditions, ensuring user safety at all times.


Install in no time

This modular lifeline system can be installed quickly and easily, ensuring that the maintenance team can soon start working safely on your roof.

More than 1000 anchor points installed globally in 2020

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A horizontal lifeline that
doesn't penetrate your roof

Wireanka is a deadweight anchor system linked by flexible horizontal lifeline. Designed as a temporary solution for flat roofs, the system will not penetrate the roof surface.

Fully freestanding

Wireanka does not penetrate the roof. The system uses freestanding Weightanka units as bases and has rubber moulded weights that are designed to protect the roof and not damage it. This horizontal lifeline can be installed on any kind of roof with a maximum slope of 5°.

freestanding lifeline system
wireanka on roof

Can accommodate more than one user

Wireanka is suitable for up to two users working in fall arrest and multiple users in restraint, dependant on configuration.

The system must not be used as a support for rope access (abseiling) systems. An alternative product, Accessanka, is available for this purpose.

Use in both wet and dry conditions

Correctly configured, Wireanka can be used on any of the following roof surfaces in wet or dry conditions:

  • Single ply membrane
  • Asphalt
  • Steel ladding
  • Concrete
  • Stone chippings (brushed)
  • Mineral felt.

non penetrating lifeline for roofs
non-permanent lifeline system

Thoroughly tested to ensure your safety

Safety while working on a roof is incredibly important to us. That is why all our systems go through vigorous testing.


  • Is the first deadweight support to be approved for Class C horizontal flexible safety lines
  • Conforms to Class C EN 795 & ISO 14567
  • Is CE approved to PPE Directive
  • Is galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Has been independently tested at N.E.L. (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride N.B. 0320).



See details of our full Kee Anchor range, which includes Weightanka (portable deadweight anchor), Accessanka (portable deadweight anchor system for rope access) and Wireanka.

See how the freestanding anchors
that form Wireanka work

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