Easi Dec roof line platform system

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Model: easi-dec-roofline-platform-system

Product Description

An alternative to scaffolding, this long Easi Dec roof line platform system is a continuous, fully guarded platform that complies with the edge protection requirements described in EN13374. It spans conservatories, porches or other obstacles. Available in 2 lengths: 8m and 10m.

Technical details

The roofline system is formed of 2 Easi Dec platforms and a catwalk.

  • Load rating: 600 kg uniformly distributed
  • System weight: 225 kg
  • Platform size: 2m wide x 800mm deep
  • Catwalk dimensions: either 4.6m or 6.6m x 620mm
  • Material: H30 (6082T6) aluminium
  • Standard legs (see other options below) will give the platform a height of 3.3m - 5.5m
  • Meets the following standards: EN 13374 Class and EN 12811.

easidec roofline platform system
roofline large platform


This platform is modular and had been designed to be easily customisable to suit your requirements.

Standard legs will give the platform a height of 3.3m - 5.5m. However, the platform can be configured to include other types of legs, such as (please get in touch for a quote):

  • Super legs - for a 4.5m - 6.8m platform height
  • 16' legs - for a 3m - 4.76m platform height
  • 14' legs - for a 2.75m - 4.15m platform height
  • 9.5" bungalow legs - for a 2.34m - 2.9m platform height
  • 6.5" mini legs - for a 1.38m - 2m platform height
  • 4.5" micro legs - for a 1m - 1.4m platform height.

Quick and easy to install

Just like all other Easi Dec platforms, the long platform system is as easy to install, saving you time and money on labour. The installation requires no tools and can be erected by 2 people in around 30 minutes.

easidec roofline system
easi dec roofline access platform

A cost-effective scaffolding alternative

Unlike traditional scaffolding, this platform is incredibly quick and easy to install, use and disassemble before being transported and used on another site. Scaffolding can take days and a lot of labour to erect and take down. This requires a lot of time and resources which add costs and potential delays to your project. The use of a simpler system, such as an Easi Dec platform, could significantly improve the duration of your project and therefore profit. We do not rent Easi Dec platforms out, but if your business deals with roof repairs and maintenance, the system will save you money in the long run.

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