CoverSafe Spark insulated mat

The insulated trellis mat prevents falls through ceilings and open voids. It acts as a working platform, keeping users safe from falls while they perform their maintenance and repairs tasks. The system is made of a composite plastic material that eliminates the possibility of electric shocks if the mat is placed onto faulty electrical fitting. Suitable for maintenance work in attics and roof spaces.


safety mat for maintenance work

A working platform that keeps you safe

The mat is designed to prevent falls through voids while working at height - for example while carrying out maintenance work or repairs in the attic or in a roof space.

Unlike crawl boards for example, the trellis mat is compact enough to be moved around from place to place or inserted into even the smallest attic hatches. When expanded, the mat covers up to 2m long voids, making it perfect for maintenance on roofs or in attics, or plumbing, aerial, solar or electrical work.

Easy to carry and use

The CoverSafe Spark mat was designed with ease of use and transport in mind. Suitable for contractors or users who are permanently on the go, the system is incredibly lightweight and can be easily carried around by one person.

The mat also comes with a carry case with straps for hand tools.

fall protection trellis mat
electrically insulated trellis mat

Prevents potential electric shocks

The trellis mat is made of a superior strength material which is electrically insulated. This means that users are kept safe from potential electric shocks caused by faulty or broken electrical systems or old wiring, possible hidden in thermal insulation.


Technical details

  • Material: composite (electrically insulated)
  • Size (open mat): 2m x 0.8m (1.6m2)
  • Size (closed mat): 1.15m x 0.48m
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Carry case included
  • Load tested to a max spread load of 150 kg. Holds the load of one person only. Not designed to be loaded with building materials
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