StairSpan work platform for stairwells

StairSpan is an adjustable platform designed to prevent falls into stairways while maintaining full access for the operatives and materials up and down stairways before a staircase is fitted.

Our platform is used by carpenters, electricians, plasterers and painters.


stairwell platform in use

Prevents falls into stairwells and other similar voids

With this adjustable system, workers are kept safe and sound while work is carried out with virtually no disruption. StairSpan prevents users from falling into stairwells, voids and down stairways by providing a safe platform to work from. The concertina style platform slides back allowing full and easy access for operatives and materials.

Designed to suit most layouts

StairSpan is versatile. Available in various sizes, the system can be adjusted to suit your exact requirements. It features telescopic legs that help you position the platform at any height you need it.

The platform can also be adjusted in length so that it provides the perfect working surface for your work.

stairwell installation
work platform installed

Easy to transport and handle

StairSpan is designed to be put together by one person, quickly and safely. It is lightweight, which means that it is also easy to transport. To make it even easier to handle and store, the mat features buckles and straps that help it stay closed when not in use. The anti-finger-trap design makes the mat safer to manoeuvre.

StairSpan can be transported in a van or secured to the roof rack of a car.

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