Ladders and safe roof access

A fixed vertical ladder is a quick and easy system to use for roof access and, together with additional safety measures - such as gates, guardrails, PPE and training - can keep your workers perfectly safe and sound while they go about their tasks.

Ladders are one of the several viable roof access methods recommended by HSE, together with general access scaffolds, towers, mobile access equipment and roof access hatches. However, it is important to ensure that the staff accessing a roof for maintenance or repairs can do so safely at all times and that access is restricted for unauthorised personnel or the general public.

At Simplified Safety, we will work with you to understand your fall protection needs and find a solution that suits your requirements.

A simplified way towards ladder safety

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If you are looking for a safe roof access ladder system but you are not sure where to start, we can help out.

Out team of experts can:

  • Arrange a site survey to assess your requirements
  • Recommend or design a vertical ladder that suits your needs
  • Recommend additional products for a full safe access solution
  • Install the system for you in a quick and safe manner.

Choose a ladder safety system to suit your project



As with any work at height, fixed vertical roof ladder systems are covered by the Work at Height Regulations 2005. HSE also has a few recommendations on the installation and usage of a fixed ladder system. There are different regulations and recommendations for mobile ladders.

  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005 - Schedule 6 of the 'Work at height regulations' applies to ladders and their use. The regulations state that foremost, a risk assessment needs to be carried out before installing or using ladders. The ladder needs to be stable and, if it needs to be taller than 9m, a resting platform needs to be included.

  • The HSE Work at height for Constructions recommendations state that, where used, ladders need to be of an industrial grade, in good condition and secured to prevent movement.

  • The HSE Health and Safety in roof work say: "Where ladders are used, they need to be of the right type, ie a suitable grade of professional ladder or BS EN 131. They should be in good condition and effectively secured to prevent movement."

  • The following two do NOT apply to fixed vertical ladders for roof access: BS 4211:2005 Specification for permanently fixed ladders (+A1:2008) and Safe use of ladders and stepladders - An employer’s guide (HSE).

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