Ladder safety guardrail

Install roof edge protection around fixed ladders for a full safe access solution that will keep maintenance staff safe and sound while on the roof. The KeeGuard rail system acts as a physical barrier between the roof edge and workers. It is freestanding and can be configured to suit any roof layout, making it a versatile fall protection solution.

guardrail for ladder protection


guardrail with gate near ladder

A complete safe access system

When you access a roof, you need to be protected at all times, not only when climbing a ladder. This is why we believe that the presence of a guardrail system is paramount. A roof guardrail prevents you from falling over the roof edge once you are up there. Together with our self-closing gates, KeeGuard will ensure that the risk of falling over the edge when accessing our ladder gates is reduced to a minimum.

Safety in any weather

KeeGuard is made of galvanised steel which has excellent anti-corrosion properties. You can rest assured that, with minimal care, our guardrail will keep you safe for years or even decades to come, without being damaged by severe weather conditions.

roof guardrail in winter
freestanding roof edge protection

Completely freestanding

Our guardrail for ladders is designed as a zero-impact solution for roof surfaces. By using counterweights, KeeGuard is completely freestanding and does not require any drilling or fixing into the roof membrane.

Incredibly easy to install

Fall protection does not have to be complicated. KeeGuard is modular and can be installed quickly and easily, with no specialist tools required. The system goes together with all our other fall protection and safe access solutions, which means that you can easily connect it to Simplified Safety self-closing gates, ladders, walkways and platforms at any given time.

modular roof handrail

KeeGuard: Technical details

  • Suitable for flat roofs with a pitch of max 5 degrees
  • Upright height: 1100mm
  • Freestanding system which using counterweights
  • Weights made of recycled PVC (13 kg)
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Tested in accordance with:- EN 13374 Class A. EN ISO 14122 Part 3. NF E85-003 EN 1991-1-4 BS 6399 : Part 2 Code of Practice for Wind Load
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