Gain easy access to the roof

Our fixed vertical ladders will help workers and maintenance staff access the roof safely where there are no other access points. The ladder system can be configured to suit your requirements and can include a cage, a lockout panel to restrain access to unauthorised personnel, access gates (placed at the bottom and top of the ladder) and a roof edge guardrail for fall protection.

CAT ladder for roof access


ladder cage

A safe and compliant roof access solution

Our CAT ladders will help you access the roof quickly and safely, allowing users to get on with their maintenance tasks. The system is designed and manufactured to meet the most recent of British standards (BS 4211: 2005).

A roof ladder that is easy to customise

Looking for a ladder to suit your specific requirements? We will work with you to ensure that a safe and compliant fixed ladder is constructed and installed on site.

Part of a full roof access safety system

Our caged ladders are part of a full safety roof access system: add guardrails or self-closing gates to ensure that any user accessing the roof does so in the safest way possible.

Full turn-key service available

Simplify the process of having a safety ladder installed by choosing our turn-key service: our team will run a site survey, configure a suitable system based on your requirements and install the ladder for you.

full ladder safety

CAT ladders: Technical details

  • Type: Ladder with two stiles and safety cage
  • Metal components designed to last up to 25 years in non-marine, non-corrosive environments with a temperature range from –10 to + 55 degrees
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the most recent of British Standards (BS 4211:2005)
  • Alloy Class 1 Stiles
  • Alloy Class 1 Rung
  • Fixings in stainless steel A4 grade
  • All alloy in mill finish
  • Guardrail height: 1100mm
  • Overall Ladder Width: 455mm
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