KeeCover: Roof light covers
Fragile roof protection

Fragile skylights

A clever system that doesn't damage the roof light

Skylight Protection

Doesn't block the light coming into the building

Flat roof

Suitable for flat or pitched roofs

Easy to Assemble

A modular cover that's easy to install and maintain

What is KeeCover?

KeeCover fragile roof covers

KeeCover is a modular and easy to install solution designed to cover roof lights on trapezoidal and standing seam roofs. The solution has been designed to provide a robust effective solution for covering roof lights without blocking out the light into the building.


Get an overview of the KeeCover system, see product specifications, components and installation instructions.

KeeCover uses

Detail of the flat panel KeeCover system

A fragile roof before the KeeCover installation

A fragile roof after the KeeCover installation

A flat panel KeeCover system installed on the roof

KeeCover uses galvanised steel tube and Kee Klamp fittings

A raised panel KeeCover system

Detail of the raised panel KeeCover system

A fragile roof with a KeeCover system installed

Technical info

  • The system requires physical fixing to the building structure
  • Tested to 'EN ISO 1873: 2014 Part 2' and 'ACR Red Book' standards
  • 26.9mm diameter tube x 3.2mm wall thickness
  • Components galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Designed to be assembled in situ
  • Available in 2 styles: flat and raised roof light protection
  • Mesh panels do not block light

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