Kee Dome skylight guardrail

Kee Dome is a freestanding fall protection system designed to prevent falls through rooflights and hatches. This modular system allows users to access rooftops for repair and maintenance safely, without the risk of falling through glazed areas. Available in a range of sizes and designs, KeeDome can include mesh panels and self closing safety gates depending on your safety requirements.

Freestanding skylight guardrails
for commercial and industrial roofs

Ensure that roof maintenance tasks are done safely by protecting users from potential falls through skylights. KeeDome acts as a barrier around skylights, ensuring that these can easily be seen by users and therefore not stepping on these fragile areas in error.

Designed to fit your skylight

Skylights come in a variety of sizes and shapes but so does KeeDome. Choose from an existing design or get in touch with our team if you require a different size.

Our rails are suitable for:

  • Standard, large, and oddly shaped rooflights
  • Vents and hatches
  • Domed and pyramid skylights

skylight guardrail for roofs
safety gates for industrial applications

Completely freestanding

Our safety rails do not only protect users but they protect the roof too. Using special PVC feet, the system is fully freestanding, which means that it does not require any fixing into the roof membrane.

Incredibly durable

The tube and fittings used to construct our rails are made of heavy duty galvanised steel, which makes them incredibly durable in any type of weather: sun, rain, snow or wind. If your roof doesn’t always drain perfectly, the PVC weighted bases won’t corrode in standing water. Kee Dome is designed to last, thus saving you money throughout the years.

industry compliant safety gates
indoor and outdoor industrial gates

A compliant solution

We make sure that all our products are tested and achieve compliance with the relevant safety standards. helping you keep workers safe.

The Kee Dome system has been tested to EN 14122. Kee Dome Mini has been externally tested to the criteria and loadings taken from the ACR Red Book Test For Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies.

A modular solution that is easy to install & maintain

Kee Dome is straight-forward to install and requires zero welding on site. You can even adjust its length or width by cutting down excess tube to ensure it suits the space you have available perfectly.

Its modular design ensures that the guardrail is as easy to repair or replace as it is to put together, minimising any potential down time to your business.

safety gate components
safety gate components

Make it your own with a series of accessories

Kee Dome comes in a variety of designs to ensure it meets your requirements. Some designs include mesh for extra protection, while others are perfectly desgined to keep users safe around roof hatches, using a self-closing industrial gate. Whatever your fall protection needs are - we can help you find the perfect solution.

Not sure if Kee Dome is for you?

If you are looking to protect your team while working on a hazardous roof, then Kee Dome is not the only solution we can offer. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements today.

Our roof safety solutions include:

safety gates for any application



Get a system overview, read about our product's compliance to standards, see components and details on recertification in our brochure.

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