A handrail solution that fixes to your roof

Our fixed guardrail solution suits roofs where parapets are present and is designed to keep users safe while undertaking maintenance tasks.

parapet safety handrail

Why choose a parapet railing system?

This fixed railing system is suitable for roofs where edge parapets are not high enough to offer users fall protection and where there is not enough space for a freestanding guardrail.

Typically suited to historical buildings due to their low level parapets, the rail fixes on top or on the side of the parapet, acting as a permanent, collective fall protection solution.

Incredibly durable

The roof handrail system uses galvanised steel tube and fittings, making it incredibly sturdy. Galvanised steel has excellent anti-corrosion properties and, with adequate care, will ensure that the system lasts years or even decades to come.

galvanised steel fixed handrail
fixed handrail for roof parapet

A versatile, modular solution

Our fixed railing system uses modules, making it versatile enough to suit most flat roof layouts. This means that, if ever a section of the rail needs replacing, this can be easily done, with almost no down-time to your operations.

Easy to install

Our guardrail system is straight-forward to install. It does not require any welding on site and the fittings attach to the tube through a series of grubscrews (incorporated within the fittings), using an allen key.

fixed roof edge protection
roof parapet guardrail system

Top or side fixed?

Depending on your project, our railing can either be fixed on top of the parapet or on the side.

  • Side fixed: Takes up little space and when mounted to the parapet, there usually is no risk of damage to the waterproofing. By fixing the guardrail to the side of the parapet, you reduce the visibility of the system from ground level.
  • Top fixed: This is the easiest way to bring any parapet up to the 1.1m barrier height in order to satisfy the requirement of HSE.

Select a handrail solution that fixes for your roof

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