A maintenance-free demarcation system
suitable for interior or exterior use

Kee Mark demarcation system

Kee Mark is a cost-effective freestanding demarcation system that uses galvanised steel uprights, sturdy PVC bases and a high-vis plastic safety chain. It is a non-fall arrest product that complies with the HSE guidance note HSG 33 Health and Safety in Roof work.

Compact, portable and easy to install, the barrier features a two-colour high vis chain which is attached to the uprights using a karabiner. This ensures that the chain is not blown away by strong winds for example.

Demarcation is often required around a specific piece of plant/equipment in the centre of a large roof. As long as it is set 2m away from the roof edge, demarcation systems can be successfully used instead of edge protection solutions. Demarcation can also be used at ground level for trade shows for example, machinery demarcation and queue management.

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Why Kee Mark?

Designated Area

High visibility

Kee Mark uses a two-colour chain (red and white), which makes the system visible to everyone on site. The dual uprights allow for 2 rows of chains for extra visibility.


Installation in no time

Our system is modular, which means that you can easily design and install it on any site, whether indoors or outdoors. No specialist tools needed, no welding, no skilled labour.


Suitable for outdoor use

The 25kg base weight reduces the risk of the system falling over during high winds, removing the need for any additional ballast. Kee Mark is also highly resistant in any kind of weather.


Freestanding solution

Kee Mark does not require any drilling onto the surface as it uses 25 kg base weights. This means that you can easily dismantle the unit and reassemble it somewhere else.

Installing Kee Mark

How to install Kee Mark

Install the posts 3m apart, with the chain linked to form a continuous demarcation route. Installation is possible within minutes.

When to install Kee Mark

In many cases, demarcation is required around a specific piece of plant or equipment, in the centre of a large roof. This is where the demarcation system can be used in place of edge protection solutions, providing the demarcation is set at least 2m from the roof edge.

Kee Mark can equally be used at ground level for alternative types of demarcation such as trade shows, machinery demarcation and queue management.

Demarcation vs Roof edge protection

Where budgets are restricted, we recommend of combination of demarcation (Kee Mark) and roof edge protection (KeeGuard). Where plant and equipment or access is required within 2m of the roof edge, we recommend the installation of KeeGuard. In order to provide a 'Safe System to Work', these guarded areas are linked together using Kee Mark. Read the brochure for more information:

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