Ground-based guardrail
and safety railing


No welding required

A Kee Klamp and tube system, our ground based handrails only require an Allen key to put together.



Made of galvanised steel, keeping the rail rust free for many years longer than welded rail.


Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

The system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile solution for most environments.


Easy to install and maintain

Modular system that is easy to put together and repair should it ever need it.

A weldless, cost effective safety rail system

Ground-based handrail

We supply railing solutions to provide perimeter, walkway, edge or fall protection. Our ground-based guardrails are made of galvanised steel Kee Klamp fittings and tube, which means that they are modular, easy to install, repair and remove.

They do not require welding, which makes them simple to put together by any contractor or maintenance personnel. Our handrails are suited for indoor and outdoor use and are resistant in even the harshest environments. Our ground-based guardrails can be built using a variety of fittings that suit any project.

Ground-based guardrail uses

Kee Klamp guardrail used for bridges

Handrail installed in a tram stop

Powder-coated handrail used for a medical office

Guardrail used for industrial machinery protection

Guardrail installed along a motorway

Guardrail used along train lines

Handrail protecting workers in a water treatment plant

Slope fittings used to construct a handrail along a bridge

Powder-coated handrail installed in a park

DDA compliant handrails can be installed for stadiums or any other high traffic institutions

Handrail used in a water treatment facility

Handrail used for a commercial area

Kee Klamp fittings vs fabricated solutions

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