Incredibly sturdy

Our guardrails use heavy duty components designed to last decades, not years.


Custom designed

Our railing systems are modular and can be configured to your exact specifications.

Self install

Quick installation

Save time on installation: our rail system is easy to install and needs no welding or specialist tools.


Corrosion resistant

Suitable for even the harshest or most humid environments. Choose between galvanised steel or aluminium.

Industrial guardrails and handrailing
to suit your requirements

Our safety railing system is designed to suit your exact requirements. That is why we offer a variety of finishes and materials and work with you to ensure conformity with the relevant standards.

Fits any layout, even the awkward ones

Our handrail barriers are designed to suit around any space, from small areas around machinery to large warehouse walkways or on ramps around hospitals, schools or any other municipal buildings.

Our wide range of fittings ensures that our handrails can accommodate a variety of layouts and surfaces, from ramps and stairs to flat surfaces. The rails can be fitted on the ground, side-fixed to walls and stairs or a combination of both.

handrail installation

Installation could not get easier than this

Our handrails use a tube and fittings system which makes them incredibly easy to install, replace or adjust. The system doesn't require any specialist tools or specialised labour, making it one of the easiest structures to put together.

What is more, if it ever gets damaged or needs sections replaced, all you need to do is unscrew the respective section and replace it with a new one, with almost zero down-time to your operations.

Choose between aluminium or galvanised steel

Both aluminium and galvanised steel are incredibly sturdy materials that will make the safety railing last for years or decades to come. But you might prefer one over the other depending on your project.

  • Galvanised steel: With a more rugged, industrial look, galvanised steel is designed to last. This is heavier than aluminium and has a more rugged look. Tube and fittings are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium is perfect for very humid areas such as docks or water treatment plants. Incredibly lightweight, aluminium handrails have a sleeker, more polished look compared to galvanised steel. These components are made from high grade aluminium silicon magnesium alloy.

Include infill panels to ensure safety

Our range of infill panels are designed to fill the gaps between uprights and grab rails and ensure extra safety for users. This is particularly important around buildings accessible to children: international standards indicate that railings accessible to children should not have gaps large enough to permit a sphere of 100 mm diameter to pass through.

Our panels come in a variety of designs - from mesh infills to vertical bar designs.

Add a decorative feature

Our Oslo Ball decorative cap is an aesthetic fitting suitable for handrails used for pedestrian traffic and municipal areas.

Designed to look good, the fitting also serves a functional purpose in discouraging skateboarders and other pedestrian traffic from sliding across a railing.

Suitable for crowded areas and higher loads

Our team can design, supply and install safety rails that suit even the most crowded spaces - such as stadiums, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls and urban footpaths.

We use hard wearing, sturdy materials to build railing systems that can withstand loadings of up to 3kN/m. This ensures that users are kept safe and sound at all times.

High visibility at all times

In some situations, handrails need to be visible and in contrast with the background. For example, accessibility handrail systems (DDA) specifically need to comply with this requirement. Colour coating is also important for guardrails around factory or warehouse walkways.

We can powder-coat our handrails in any RAL colour to increase visibility and ensure safety is paramount at all times. We use durable, polyester coating applied to already galvanised/polished products.

Railings and guardrails suitable
for any industry and application

safety rail for factories and warehouses

Safety railing installed around warehouse walkways and mezzanines

Usually in the form of DDA compliant handrails, these are suitable for any building with a high footfall. The system can be powder-coated to ensure it is visible to everyone. Using specific fittings, it will be designed to offer a smooth grab surface to all users. Can be installed on ramps, stairs or flat surfaces.

See all our safety solutions for the warehouse and logistics industry

Handrails for public buildings: hospitals schools and other municipal buildings

Usually in the form of DDA compliant handrails, these are suitable for any building with a high footfall. The system can be powder-coated to ensure it is visible to everyone. Using specific fittings, it will be designed to offer a smooth grab surface to all users. Can be installed on ramps, stairs or flat surfaces.

See what makes a handrail DDA compliant

DDA handrail for schools
handrail for train stations

Guardrails designed to suit highway and transportation applications

External handrail systems can be used to restrict pedestrian access to forbidden areas, such as along train or tram tracks or other transport routes. They can also be used for highway management either to mark routes, keep pedestrians away from the road or guardrail various furniture such as signage and lights.

Barriers and handrails for pedestrian traffic management

High traffic areas require handrails that can take higher loadings - this is why we can design systems that can keep people safe while on stadiums, events and sports venues, in parks, outside commercial buildings, around train and tram stations and airports. For these applications, a DDA handrail also helps less able-bodied users access services and areas safely.

handrail for parks
powder coated Kee Klamp system

Handrail systems designed for harsh environments, such as offshore applications

Our team can design railing systems that suit coastal and high corrosion environments. For these applications, we use aluminium components, which have an incredibly high degree of resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the railing lasts decades. Our customers installed guardrails around water treatment plants or around docks, bridges or beaches to protect maintenance and operations teams, as well as prevent users from accidentally falling into the water.

Handrails designed for domestic use

Domestic handrails have different requirements from commercial or industrial systems. On Simplified Building UK we sell a wide range of handrail kits suitable for stairs and slopes that can help users access their homes and gardens safely.

See our range of domestic handrails

domestic handrail

Installation options

We can help configure, deliver and install your safety rail solution, or you can go for a supply-only system to save costs: you decide the level of service you need from us.



Our guardrails require no welding or fabrication on site, which means that you will not waste time or money on laborious installation. Go for a supply-only service if you are already familiar with our systems.

Certified Install

Site survey

We understand that sometimes you might need someone to asses your site and recommend a suitable solution. One of our specialists will arrange a site survey and discuss your requirements with you.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

If you are looking for a complete turn-key service, look no further. Our team can: conduct a site survey, advise on suitable solution, install the system for you and answer any of your questions.

Read about installation

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