What makes a handrail
DDA compliant?

DDA Compliant Handrail

Smooth and continuous

Ensure that your railing has a smooth surface throughout the entire length of the railing. Someone should be able to easily run their hand along the entire railing.

Correct Height & Clearance

Your railing must be 900mm-1.1m tall. Also, a ramp must have a minimum clear width of 1m.

Edge protection

When there is a drop off , ramps require a curb or curb rail to prevent wheel chairs from slipping out from under the railing. In some cases a mid rail is sufficient to provide this protection.

Why use our handrails?

Kee Access fittings for DDA handrails


Order a DDA handrail

What are your requirements?

Get in touch with our team (by either email, phone or web contact form) and let us know what your requirements are. Send us relevant drawings and plans.

Technical team review

Once we've got all the details we need, we will send your request to our technical team who will be able to design and quote for a DDA compliant handrail.

Place the order

If you are happy with our quote, place the final order with us and we will take it from here. All our DDA handrails are made to order.

Fittings and tube powder coating

We will powder coat all fittings and tube in order to comply with DDA requirements. The process take 4 weeks. We do not keep any powder coated fittings or tube in stock.

Install your DDA handrail

We will ship the railing to you as soon as we can. Our DDA handrails are easy to put together - this is why we do not offer an installation service for this product.

Get a ground-based handrail quote


Interested in a ground-based guardrail? Get in touch and receive a quote.

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