DDA guidelines

DDA Standard Recommendations
Vertical height to the top of the upper handrail from pitch line of the surface of a ramp. or flight of steps is between 900mm and 1000mm . Place handrail between 900mm and 1000mm from the pitch line of surface.
The clearance between the handrail and any adjacent wall surface is between 60mm and 75mm. The handrail and any wall or other surface adjacent to it needs to be free of anything sharp or abrasive
The handrail is continuous across the flights and landings of ramped or stepped access. Use internal couplings, Type 514-7, to maintain continuity
Post and handrail tube need to be between 40-50mm in diameter The handrail and uprights used for Kee Access is size (42.4mm OD) and (48.3mmOD) respectively.
Handrail shall not rotate within the fittings. Handrail are riveted or screwed to the handrail bracket which prevents rotation.
The handrail is slip resistant and not cold to touch Handrail to be polyester powder coated or equivalent coating to make it contrast visually with the background against which it is seen
The handrail to extend at least 300mm beyond the top and bottom of a ramped access, or the top and bottom nosing of a flight or flights of steps, while not projecting into an access route. Do consider where possible, extending rail runs past the minimum requirements (ie.300mm overshoot) especially when dealing with closed loop systems.

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