How to use our Kee Access fittings
to build a DDA handrail

Please note the short video clips below were shot in America and the terminology for DDA is referred to as ADA.

Video 1 : Building a D-return

In this video we use our Kee Access DDA fittings to construct a standard D return. D returns are used to terminate your DDA railings so that purses, bags, wheelchairs and other items are not caught on the DDA handrail.

Video 2 : Building a DDA upright

In this video we walk you through the necessary components of building a DDA upright. We cover the base rail, mid rail, and top rail fittings.

Video 3 : Putting it all together

In this video we assemble a sample section of DDA handrail using the upright and D return constructed in the previous segments.

Video 4 : Message to contractors

These fittings represent a new market opportunity for contractors. Chris talks about the new possibility for contractors to compete with fabricators and welders using this DDA handrail system.

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