A roof edge protection system that works for you

Kee Guard is a high-quality guardrail system. You can install it on any type of roof. It doesn't matter what material or layout the roof has. Made of industrial-strength steel, the system can last decades with minimal maintenance in any type of weather. Our guardrail keeps your workers safe and secure on the roof, requiring no specialist training or equipment. Our team can design and install Kee Guard for you quickly, ensuring no downtime to your operations.


Free standing

Kee Guard is a non-penetrating handrail system preventing leaks and allows you to maintain your roof warranty.


Lasts decades

Our rooftop handrail system is corrosion resistant, which means that it has been designed to last decades, not years.


Flexible solution

Kee Guard is a versatile and modular rooftop safety solution crafted from durable Kee Klamp components. Kee Guard offers maximum flexibility, seamlessly configuring to navigate around nearly any obstacle or elevation change.

Code Expertise

Industry compliant

Kee Guard has been tested in accordance with all UK, EU, and global rooftop guardrail specifications and compliance requirements.

Trusted by companies around the world

Toyota Company NASA Proctle and Gable Nestle Exxon Canon TATA Pepsi

Benefits of Kee Guard flat roof edge protection

Kee Guard Railing Exceeds Standards

Third-party verified roof guardrail. For your peace of mind.

Our top-quality roof edge protection systems keep you safe by preventing accidental falls. Our systems offer unparalleled protection against workplace hazards, ensuring the safety of your workforce. Engineered to withstand the most demanding environments, our rooftop guardrail systems provide a solid line of defence. Designed to meet and exceed industry standards.

Kee Guard holds global recognition. Undergoing rigorous third-party testing to ensure it meets UK and global compliance standards at the highest levels. Kee Guard is compliant with the following UK and European standards:

  • BS 13700:2021
  • EN 13374 Class A EN 1991-1-4
  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • NF E85-003
  • BS 6399: Part 2
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A single edge protection system for even the quirkiest rooftops

Our freestanding handrail is modular. This means that it is easy to design the system to work around, over or under rooftop equipment and obstructions. You won't need to waste time and resources looking for multiple systems to protect your roof edge.

Ensure the safety of your workforce with our reliable safety barrier systems, regardless of your industry. Our robust and versatile roof safety barrier systems are vital for industrial and construction sites. Effectively preventing accidents and boosting overall safety.

Kee Guard roof edge fall protection systems fit seamlessly on any roof or combination of roof types, including:

  • Flat rooftops
  • Metal rooftops
  • Trapezoidal rooftops
  • Varying height rooftops
Kee Guard Components
Kee Guard roof railing training
roof edge protection guardrail example

Guardrail that looks good on your roof

Kee Guard roof safety rails can be powder-coated in virtually any colour. Allowing it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings while ensuring worker safety without drawing attention from passers-by. Not all roof railing systems need to compromise aesthetics.

Kee Guard roof edge protection barriers have all these options to help minimise the appearance from street-level.

  • Powder-coat to match your roofline
  • Lean back away from the roof edge to reduce visibility
  • Lay-flat when not in use to keep it entirely out of sight
  • Set back from the roof edge when spacing permits.
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Keeps everyone safe with no need for specialist training

At Simplified Safety, we put safety above all else. Our roof fall protection guardrails maximise safety by minimising the risk of workplace accidents. Whether you're performing routine roof maintenance or overseeing large-scale construction projects. Kee Guard rooftop guardrails ensure your team remains safe without compromise.

Kee Guard is a collective fall protection system that keeps multiple workers safe and sound. It also eliminates much of the annual training that individual protection systems require. Keep your workers focused on doing what they do best while providing them with world-class forms of protection.

Kee Guard Brochure
Kee Guard roof railing in adverse weather conditions

Hear what customers think about our roof handrail system

We work with our customers to ensure the process is smooth from design to installation.

Will Kee Guard work for your roof?


Designed and tested to exceed industry standards

Kee Guard is backed by third-party testing.

  • BS 13700:2021
  • EN 13374 Class A
  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • NF E85-003
  • EN 1991-1-4
  • BS 6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code
  • BGV A1: 2000, BGG 928 & BGR 184
  • HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work
  • HSE Specialist Report No 15: 1988
  • HSE Sheet 21 ‘Working on Flat Roofs Protection Against Falls’
  • EU Directives & CDM Regulations
  • Health, Safety & Welfare Regulation 13 ‘Falls or Falling Objects’ 1992
  • NFE 85-003

We can install Kee Guard for you

The system is straight-forward to install, but if you are looking for the full package, we can help! We will configure, deliver and install our roof edge protection system anywhere in mainland UK.



Our roof safety handrails require no welding or fabrication on site, which means that you will not waste time or money on laborious installation. If you ever get stuck, there are plenty of resources available on our website to help you install Kee Guard easily.

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Certified Install

Site survey

We understand that sometimes choosing the correct fall protection solution or configuring a system can be hard. If you are not familiar with our products or simply need one of our team members to visit your site, we can help.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

If you are looking for a complete turn-key service, look no further. Our team can: conduct a site survey, advise on suitable fall protection solutions, install the system for you according to the manufacturer’s specification and answer any questions.

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