KeeGuard Foldshield
Collapsible guardrail system

Rooftop collapsible handrails
designed to preserve the aesthetics
of a building

KeeGuard Foldshield is a folding handrail system designed for roofs with slopes of less than 10 degrees. Utilising a hinged version of the standard KeeGuard base fitting, the guardrail can easily be lifted into place when work is in progress and then quickly folded back down when finished. A simple locking pin is all that needs to be removed from the fitting to allow it to pivot.

  • Folding solution - Folds down when not in use. Easy to put back up when needed.
  • Quick and easy to install - Modular system allowing almost any configuration possible.
  • Compliant safety solution - KeeGuard FoldShield complies to EN 13374 and 14122.
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