KeeGuard Standard
A versatile freestanding rooftop handrail


Free standing

A non penetrative rooftop railing system that uses counterweights.

Flat roof

Suitable for flat roofs

Suitable to use on flat roofs or slight slopes of a max 5 degrees.


Modular and easy to configure, making it suitable for any roof layout.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to assemble

Easy to install, saving you days of labour.


Durable, compliant

Thoroughly tested in accordance with current standards.

What is KeeGuard?


KeeGuard standard is a modular free standing system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. The system offers maximum flexibility for most rooftop configurations, utilising recycled PVC weights, which are easy to carry and install. Made of galvanised steel, this is a premium quality product that is expected to last decades.

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KeeGuard components

Base fitting

Base fitting

The rubber boot at the base of the fitting is designed to protect your roof for years to come while providing additional grip on some surfaces.
Structural tubing

Structural tubing

Gator Tube is more rigid and up to 4-times more corrosive resistant than schedule 40 pipe. Made to last.


Made from solid recycled PVC, the counter-weights will be friendly to your roof and the environment.
Top post fitting

Top post fitting

Designed for ease of installation, this railing component allows the installer to set a complete 21' section of tube in place without cutting and measuring.
Full perimeter protection

Full perimeter protection

Unlike competitors, KeeGuard uses 21' horizontals to join together multiple posts. The result: a rigid, continuous railing that does not rely on any one connection. Engineered for safety.

KeeGuard (standards) installation examples

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