KeeGuard free standing guardrail for
flat and low-slope rooftops

What makes KeeGuard the ideal flat roof railing

KeeGuard is a free standing balustrade and the ideal choice for any low-slope or flat roof. The system is specifically engineered to protect your roof from potential leaks by using recycled PVC for the weighted bases. The rigidity of the guardrail will hold up to the strictest of requirements and last a lifetime.

  • Non-penetrating - Sits directly on your roof surface and doesn't pierce the roof membrane.
  • Modular system - Built to easily manoeuvre around units near an edge.
  • Adaptable - Clamp on to existing ladders or railing for complete access protection.
  • Engineered weights - Designed to spread out the weight to reduce stress on the roof.

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Designed and tested to
exceed industry standards

We want you to be safe - we can prove it.

KeeGuard free standing handrail is designed to meet and exceed EN and HSE standards for
low-slope or flat roof types.

Installation examples for
flat & low slope rooftops

Full perimeter protection

Full perimeter protection

Flat roofs typically lack parapet walls, leaving an unprotected edge around the entire perimeter.
Safe working area

Safe working area

Low slope and flat roofs house various units such as air con and other equipment. The location of these units can pose a risk by being near the edge.
Safe walking surface

Safe walking surface

Walking to the work area on a flat roof can bring someone close to the edge. Anytime someone is within 3m from a fall hazard they are at risk.
Skylight protection

Skylight protection

Skylights are common on flat roofs and prove to be a death trap for workers. Cleaning and maintenance can be extremely dangerous without suitable protection measures in place.
Heating, ventilation & air con

Heating, ventilation & air con

Many units are found on flat roofs near an edge. This forces maintenance workers to do their work next to a fall hazard.
Refrigeration pipework

Refrigeration pipework

Most refrigeration pipes require regular inspections. Unfortunately, most refrigeration pipes are also installed near a roof edge.


Flat roofs are a great surface for solar panel installations. With that comes regular inspections and maintenance placing people at risk for a fall.

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