KeeGuard Topfix
Suitable for corrugated metal roofs

Collective fall protection

Collective edge protection for metal roofs.

Flat roof

Suitable solution for standing seam roofs.


Watertight fixings for metal profile roofs.

Code Expertise

Complies with the test requirements of EN 14122 pt.3 and EN 13374 Class A.

What is KeeGuard Topfix?

KeeGUard Topfix

KeeGuard Topfix provides a simple solution when collective edge protection is the preferred safety option for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to a 45 degree pitch.

The specially designed powder coated base plate, which incorporates multiple fixing centres, allows installation to a wide range of popular roofs. Being an 'off the shelf' product, specification is simpler and it also removes the need to fabricate a different solution for each site, minimising site visits and down time.

Base plates for standing seam roofs are fixed using non-penetrative 2-part clamps and metal profile roofs are fixed with minimal penetrations using rivets and butyl sealing strip to maintain the roof’s integrity.

Being part of the KeeGuard range KeeGuard Topfix allows for fast installation using preassembled uprights and open cup fittings and easily accommodates ridges, valleys, corners, changes in level and self closing gates using standard Kee Klamp fittings.

The standard upright base fitting allows for 0-11 degree vertical adjustment and four fixing holes in the base plate allow it to be used in the most beneficial plane to suit the roof profile.

system examples

KeeGuard Topfix installation

Stage 1

Establish the desired starting point for the first Support Post to be fitted.

Decide the orientation of the Base Plate and fixing holes (8 minimum) that are going to be used.

On the underside of the Base Plate Metal Roofs fix the double sided Sealing Strip along the complete length of the plate covering all the holes in the plate that are to be used for fixing the plate to the metal roof.

Carefully remove the backing on the double sided Seal Strip and place the Base Plate Metal Roofs in the desired position.

Firmly press down on the Base Plate Metal Roofs ensuring it’s supported at all times so it’s in contact with the crowns of the sheeting.

Using a 6.7mm (2.64”) drill, drill through two of the desired holes and using the rivets provided fix the plate. Ensure the remaining six holes are still aligned and finally drill and rivet the plate in place. Fix using the supplied 6.4mm x 14.5mm (0.236” x 0.57”) rivets provided.

Topfix installation

Repeat the above process for the next Base Plate Metal Roofs (Max centres - refer to technical specification for recommended centres) ensuring it’s aligned with the first Base Plate Metal Roofs. This is essential to maintain a straight guardrail installation.

Stage 2

Insert the Support Legs with the open cup Saddle Clamp (135-8) facing inwards and tighten the grub screws on the Standard Railing Flange (62-8).

Place a Main Rail Tube (8610) into the bottom Saddle Clamp (135-8) of each of the Standing Legs.

Position the tube so there is at least 60mm (2.5”) protruding from the Saddle Clamp (135-8), and tighten the grub screw.

These are located on the front of the Saddle Clamp (135-8).

Place the second Main Rail Tube (8610) into the top Saddle Clamp (135-8), positioning the tube as before, leaving at least 60mm (2.5”) of the tube protruding from the Saddle Clamp (135-8), and tighten the grub screw of the Saddle Clamp (135-8).

Topfix installation

Stage 3

Working away from the corner slide a Straight Coupling (14-8) on to the top and intermediate Main Rail Tubes.

To turn the corner slide and secure the 90º Elbows (15-8) to at least 60mm (2.5”) of Main Rail Tube (8610) (Use Adjustable Side Outlet Tee Elbows in pairs where corners/ ridges are 90º - 180 º (19-8).

Topfix installation

Stage 4

Repeat Stages 2-3 and continue with this method of fitting the Main Rail Tube (8610) and Support Legs together for this run of guardrail, remembering to align the 'Base Plate Metal roof', ensuring it’s aligned with the first Base Plate Metal Roofs. This is essential to maintain a straight guardrail installation.

Adjust, line and level guardrail.

Now repeat (STAGE 1-4) above for the remaining runs.

Position the clamp so the grub screw are facing outwards and tighten the grub screw at the connected end.

Topfix installation

Stage 5

Determine the end detail and finish the guardrail accordingly (See Fixed and Intermediate Details).

Topfix installation


Under no circumstances should any person be anchored to the system for fall arrest purposes.

Further, components such as timber infill, advertising boards, polyethylene sheets must not be fixed to the system.

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