Technical specifications

Part 1 - General

Summary: Provide and install freestanding KeeGuard® Roof Edge Fall Protection System, including tube railings, bases, counterweights, fittings and delivery to site. Reference: EN14122 Part 3 & EN13374 Class A, all applicable, local and national codes.

Finish: Tube for handrails, mid-rails, uprights and counterweight connection is to be galvanised mill finished to the requirements of EN ISO 1461.

Kee Klamp® Components shall be galvanised to meet EN ISO 1461.

Design requirements:

Railing shall consist of top rails, mid rails, uprights, counterweights and connections.

All tube connections to be Kee Klamp® structural tube components manufactured to the requirements of EN1562/1563.

Railing assembly shall be capable of withstanding a load of 300 N/m applied at any point on the top rail. Test in accordance with EN 14122 part 3/EN 13374 Class A.


Shop drawing: Indicate profiles, sizes, connections, size and type of fasteners and accessories.

Filed measurements:

Verify field measurements prior to assembly and/or ordering.

Part 2 - Products

Manufacturer: Kee Safety Ltd

Approved re-seller: Simplified Safety Ltd, Unit A2, Cradley Business Park, Overend Road, Cradley Heath, B64 7DW

Tel: 0844 335 8460


Tube: EN39 & EN10255.

Rails and posts: 48.3 OD steel tube, galvanised.

Kee Klamp components: Elbows, Crossovers, Wall flanges, Tees, Couplings, galvanised.

Mounting bases: Iron bases are galvanised and are supplied with a rubber pad on underside of the component.

Counterweights: Moulded recycled PVC.

Part 3 - Execution


For all connections with Kee Klamp® Components, each set screw is to be tightened to 39 N/m of torque.

Placement of uprights and counterweights to manufacturer specifications as stated in the KeeGuard® Installation Instructions.

Terminate the run as stated in the KeeGuard® Installation Instructions.


Freestanding counterweighted guardrail system with 1.1m nominal height to provide a barrier on the roof which withstands a load of 300 N/m applied to the top rail per EN 14122 Part 3/EN13374 Class A.

Acceptable low slope, roof edge fall protection to be KeeGuard® manufactured by Kee Safety Ltd

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