Protect your people and your company with
KeeGuard roof edge protection


Expected to last decades, not years, our KeeGuard rooftop handrail is corrosion resistant for longevity even in harsh environments.

Flexible solution

The modular design of KeeGuard allows it to work around almost all obstacles and elevation changes.


A non-penetrating railing system, preventing leaks and allowing you to maintain your roof warranty.

Compliant solution

Tested in accordance with the following standards: EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122 Part 3, NF E85-003, EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399: Part 2

What is KeeGuard?


KeeGuard is a modular free standing system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. The system offers maximum flexibility for most rooftop configurations, utilising recycled PVC weights, which are easy to carry and install as well as being environmentally friendly.


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Designed and tested to
exceed industry standards

We want you to be safe - we can prove it.

KeeGuard was designed to meet Global standards, and
has been tested to prove compliance with
your local and national codes.

EN 13374 Class A
EN ISO 14122 Part 3
NF E85-003
EN 1991-1-4
BS 6399 : Part 2

How can KeeGuard improve
the safety on my roof?

Skylight protection

Skylight protection

All roof edges are potential hazards - including skylights. In fact, governing bodies consider skylights to be a hole in your roof.
Air conditioning unit maintenance

Air conditioning unit maintenance

Many air conditioning units units are placed close to a roof edge. This creates a potentially deadly work environment for maintenance and repairs.
Improves roof access

Improves roof access

Often overlooked, roof ladders and hatches are statistically the most hazardous place on your roof where most falls occur.
Safe walking surface

Safe walking surface

Not only is a worker at risk when he has to work, consider where he has to walk. Does his journey take him close to a roof edge or near skylights? Protect workers when drain cleaning, fan servicing etc
Refrigeration lines

Refrigeration lines

Most refrigeration lines require regular inspections. Unfortunately, most refrigeration lines are also installed near a roof edge.
Full perimeter protection

Full perimeter protection

Sometimes, the simplest fall protection solution is to collectively protect all activities on the roof with a complete perimeter of guardrail.
Solar panel friendly

Solar panel friendly

Solar panels often come at the cost of occupying the safe walking surfaces on a roof, while increasing the frequency of roof maintenance activities.

When it comes to installation,
You've got options

Install it yourself

KeeGuard requires no special labor or tools to install, making it one of the most cost effective permanent solutions. A crew of 2-3 workers can install as much as 100m in one day. Simplified can assist your team from a distance with drawings, installation instructions and videos. Let us help you have a successful self-installation!

We can install it for you

If you would rather we handle your project from start to finish, we can take it from here. We will deliver the product to your site and install the system, leaving you with the peace of mind that your company is protected from unnecessary liability. Our 2 men teams will be able to install up to 100m of KeeGuard a day.

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