Mobile safety cage
designed for basic maintenance of valley gutters

Designed for valley gutters maintenance

Lightweight, aluminium system

Suitable for up to 2 people

Can be left in situ when not in use

What is Valley-Walk?

Valley Walk

Valley-Walk is a mobile safety cage for up to two people or one person and a light payload. It is specifically designed for basic maintenance of valley gutters such as inspection, cleaning or resealing.

It is manufactured from high-grade aluminium and is lightweight, easily assembled, and adjustable for most roof angles. Safety mesh infill’s and cushioned outriggers provide good visibility and safe weight distribution allowing to be easily carried by one person.

When not in use the Valley-Walk can be left in situ on a suitable wind-free roof area. It is available to either allow access for valley gutters, where the outriggers protect users falling through any potentially fragile roof panels.

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