Hi-vis upright protectors
made of steel

Avoid collisions into walls, corners, pallet racking units, posts and pipes with our range of upright protectors. Specifically designed for warehouses, factories, public buildings or office blocks, the range is easy to install and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Easy to Assemble and Configure Onsite

Our heavy-duty protection barriers prevent collision-based damage from occurring in your workplace. Our Safety Barrier Shield range provides targeted protection for your equipment and staff.

Warehouse Safety Barrier shield

Our safety work platforms are simple to assemble with a modular design and mechanical connections, so there's no need for special tools and labour. There are a large variety of pre-engineered connections for existing structures and other safety systems, offering a seamless, total safety solution. A standard post allows for both inline and corner applications. The Impact rails can be mounted to the front, side, or removable brackets to accommodate the different requirements for access and strength.

small mobile work platform

Protect Your Employees and your facilities

We want to help facilities be as safe as possible and avoid as many accidents as possible. A safe workplace makes employees feel safe and happy. Safety impact guardrail protects employees from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles and equipment. The railing's bright safety yellow works as a great visual and physical barrier providing safe walkways for employees as they move through the facility.

  • Highly Visible
  • Keeps your workplace accident-free
  • Fewer Vehicle Accidents
  • keep Equipment Safe

Barriers easily adapt to most applications

The railing mounts to the face of the post instead of the side. This helps distribute the energy from an impact over the entire safety rail system instead of relying on the shear strength of the bolts to keep the system intact.

  • Polyester-based powder coating with sea spray
  • Easy to repair
  • Reduce installation time with our kits
Mounting Posts
Mounting Posts

Mounting posts

They are built to be both durable and flexible. Our Traffic Shield mounting posts absorb impact while keeping your guardrail system attached to its foundation. The safety railing offers versatility with inside corners and unique angle posts without using additional posts, saving you money.

  • Extendable to adapt to your unique needs
  • modular sections making it easy to modify or expand
  • Kitted solutions available, reducing design time

Safety Barrier Shield Brochure


Our warehouse range is a cost-effective solution to help avoid collisions in a warehouse environment. It was designed in accordance with BS EN 15512:2009.

There's a safety barrier
for any industrial application

Use our upright protector kits to avoid collision damage to corners, posts or any other structure. Perfectly suitable for warehouses or factories, especially where forklifts are being used.

industry compliant safety gates

Our pipe barriers come in all shapes and sizes to ensure you find the right solution for your requirements. Our range of readily available kits includes the following:

safety gates for industrial applications

Sturdy, industrial strength barriers

All our barriers are made of sturdy galvanised steel built to last. The materials we use for our kits and the hi-vis powder-coating ensure that the impact barriers are suitable for self-installation. There will be no rusting if installed and cared for adequately.

Upright systems that help protect your goods

Being hi-vis, all our kits in this range act as a visual and physical barrier between the areas you are looking to protect and potential hazard agents such as moving machinery. Their presence can help avoid such hazards in the first place.

industry compliant safety gates
indoor and outdoor industrial gates

A modular design that is easy to work with

We want our kits to be easy to install. The modular design of these barriers makes them straightforward to install, replace and maintain. Should a section ever get damaged, all you need to do is remove and replace it while keeping the operations downtime to an absolute minimum

Incredibly easy to install

Our kits include the tube and fittings you need to construct the units. The tube and fittings attach using an Allen key which tightens the grub screws incorporated within the fittings. This system helps eliminate the need for specialised tools or specialised labour.

safety gate components

Kee Klamp Barrier Brochure


Our warehouse range is a cost-effective solution to help avoid collisions in a warehouse environment. It was designed in accordance with BS EN 15512:2009.

Protection engineered to the Highest Standards better

Protection barriers have to meet certain regulations to ensure they are keeping your workplace as safe as possible. Our Safety Barriers are designed from the ground up to meet the regulations necessary to provide you with such ease of mind.

safety gate components

Compliant to BS EN 15512:2009

Our warehouse barriers comply with BS EN 15512:2009 - 'Steel static storage systems. Adjustable pallet racking systems. Principles for structural design.'

The standard states that appropriate safety measures must be put in place to avoid impact damage caused by forklift trucks or other moving equipment against rack uprights. Of course, accidents can and do happen; the standard suggests the inclusion of upright protectors:

  • An upright protector with a min height of 400 mm needs to be positioned at the end upright of each run of racking between cross-aisles.
  • An upright protector shall be positioned at those uprights positioned at all aisle and gangway intersections.
  • The upright protector needs to absorb the energy of at least 400Nm in any direction at any height between 0,10 m and 0,40 m.
  • The upright protector needs to be positioned so that the upright will not be damaged after its deformation by absorbing an impact.
  • Rack protection may be designed theoretically; alternatively, testing shall be carried out for the purpose of acceptance. Tests shall be on the basis of a mass being dropped or swung into the protector to model the energy absorption requirement of 400 Nm.

Looking for a full solution for your warehouse or factory?

Get in touch with our team who will work with you to ensure that you get the safety solution you need.

safety gates for any application
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