Warehouse corner protector - 0.5m (approx 20")

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Model: CB0500PC

Product Description

This high visibility corner barrier is suitable for protecting the corners of buildings from accidental vehicle damage and for use inside a warehouse.

corner protector for warehouse use

Technical details

This product comes with one-year standard warranty.

  • Height external: 500mm
  • Width external: 500mm
  • Depth external: 500mm
  • Tube diameter: 48.3mm OD
  • Wall thickness: 3.2mm

A versatile solution

Our warehouse barrier solutions prevent machinery collisions into walls, corners, racking units, posts and pipes. They can be installed in warehouses, factories, public buildings, office blocks or outdoor areas such as parking zones.

The barriers come in a range of sizes and styles, making it easy for you to choose a solution that suits your requirements.

warehouse barriers
high visibility collision barriers

High visibility

This barrier is powder-coated to EN 13438 - 'Paints and varnishes'. The powder coating used is designed for hot dip galvanised or sherardised steel products used for construction purposes.

Colour: Powder coated RAL 1021 - Rape yellow

Incredibly durable

Our upright protectors are made to last. Built using heavy duty galvanised steel, they are incredibly sturdy and, with adequate care, can last years or even decades.

  • Tube: Powder Coated RAL 1021 – Rape Yellow, to EN 13438 Paints and varnishes. Powder organic coatings for hot dip galvanised or sherardised steel products for construction purposes.
  • Fittings: Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and ASTM A53: Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings Specification and Testing Methods, giving an average coating of between 65-85 microns. All cast clamps have Threadkoat applied to all tapped holes. All grub screws are carbon steel and have Keekoat protection applied to ensure minimal maintenance.
incredibly durable barriers
easy to install barrier

Easy to install

These structures are quick and easy to install, meaning that you can start using them almost immediately. They require no welding or specialised tools and can be put together on site.

Made of tube and Kee Klamp fittings, the units are easy to put together, dismantle and reconfigure should you need to. If a fitting or section of tube gets damaged, you can easily replace it with no hassle and at little extra cost, avoiding operations downtime.

A compliant solution

These barriers comply with BS EN 15512:2009 - 'Steel static storage systems. Adjustable pallet racking systems. Principles for structural design.'

The standard states that appropriate safety measures need to be put in place so that impact damage caused by forklift trucks or other moving equipment against rack-uprights is avoided. Of course, accidents can and do happen; the standard suggests the inclusion of upright protectors that follow these rules:

  • Have a minimum height of 400mm. Need positioning at the end upright of each run of racking between cross-aisles
  • Need to be positioned at all aisle and gangway intersections
  • Need to absorb an energy of at least 400Nm in any direction at any height between 0,10m and 0,40m
  • Need to be positioned in such a way that, after its deformation by absorbing an impact, the upright will not be damaged.

compliant barrier

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Weight (kgs) 13.88
Manufacturer Kee Safety
Colour Yellow
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