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6 industry solutions that will
improve your warehouse safety and efficiency

Warehouses and factories can easily become hectic places to work in and require a clever layout and good working practices to ensure safety and efficiency, as well as reduce business downtime. Here are just a few aspects that will help maximise safety and efficiency in a storage and distribution business:

  • Clear separation between areas (traffic routes from storage and machinery areas, for example)
  • Safe obstacle navigation (if obstacle removal is not possible)
  • Prevention of machinery collision (into racking, corners, pipes or posts)
  • Safe storage of items.

Solutions to improve warehouse safety include handrails, barriers, protectors, gates and platforms (mobile and static). Ideally, these systems should be highly visible, easy and quick to put together to reduce down-time, and corrosion resistant (especially if installed outdoors or corrosion-prone environments).

Solutions for area separation

Solution 1: Handrails (pedestrian safety barriers)

Railings are a straight-forward way of separating pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic or other zones that require extra precautions.

Warehouse railing

An uncomplicated way to build railings (in any configuration you need) is to use a Kee Klamp system. The fittings and tube connect to each other simply, without requiring any welding: all you need is an Allen key. Being made of galvanised steel, they are also corrosion resistant.

We can help you configure a warehouse railing system in no time: get in touch or see our range of pre-assembled handrail posts that you can purchase directly online.

Solution 2: Industrial safety gates – single, double, full height

Industrial gates provide safe access to various areas of the warehouse.

Safety gates for warehouses and logistics

Kee Gate is a self-closing gate that uses a hinge mechanism and a slam plate to positively close behind users without any input from the user. It is also easy to fit onto existing systems as it includes a fixing pack suitable for various post widths, sizes, sections or diameters. This gate is made of galvanised steel, has been corrosion and cycle tested and comes in various sizes and finishes:

Solutions for obstacles in the warehouse

Solution 3: Platforms

Where an obstacle cannot be removed (ie it is part of the building or part of the warehouse logistics system or services), step-over platforms or working platforms are suitable, easy-to-install solutions that could help you make work more efficient.

Step over platform

  • Standardised step-overs. Although designed for roof use, Kee Access step-over platforms can be successfully used in any environment. They are resistant to corrosion, easy to put together and can be used as permanent structures within a warehouse. The standardised step-overs come in various preset sizes and can be purchased directly online
  • Bespoke access work platforms. If the standardised solutions are not suitable for your needs, choose a bespoke solution that will help you tackle any kind of warehouse obstacles. We can design a bespoke platform for you
  • Mobile work platforms are portable work spaces that can be designed to any size.

Solutions to help you avoid machinery collision

Solution 4: Barriers

Machinery collision in a warehouse can significantly affect operations: besides posing a risk for staff health and safety, accidents can also cause significant down time, decreasing general productivity. High-vis barriers will help machine operators prevent accidents.

Warehouse barriers

Our range of modular warehouse barriers includes:

  • Barriers for racking protection
  • Corner protectors
  • Pipe and post upright protectors

In the event barriers get hit by machinery, these are easy to replace as they do not need any fabrication on site. They will also provide protection from direct impact for storage areas, pipes, poles, corners or any other structures.

Solutions to aid safe storage of items

Solution 5: Pallet gates

Pallet gates are usually designed to provide protection to the person working on the mezzanine.

Mezzanine gates for warehouses

These ensure that users are not exposed to fall hazards when handling pallets at height. If your warehouse requires pallet handling at height, using a mezzanine gate will simplify operations and ensure staff safety.

Ideally, choose an easy-to-install, low-maintenance mezzanine system.

Solution 6. Step-overs

Step-overs and mobile work platforms can help workers tackle obstacles in a warehouse, but they can also act as platforms that will aid the safe storage of items at height.

Mobile stepovers

Using them with a self-closing industrial gate will improve the safety of workers in a warehouse.

No matter what systems you decide to use for your warehouse or factory, adequate safety training, protective workwear and equipment, as well as designated routes and walkways will also play a key role in keeping your team safe and sound. The Kee Safety range of products will help to minimise and manage the risk of damage or injury to your building or warehouse where the risk cannot be designed out or avoided.

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