Safety solutions for
the UK Water treatment industry

water industry safety solutions

Water and wastewater treatment plants often require sturdy safety solutions with high corrosion resistance. These can include aluminium guardrails or galvanised steel handrailing, toeboard, safety gates and even step-over platforms.

Simplified Safety UK can provide extremely durable, easy to maintain safety products that will easily withstand outdoor exposure and everyday use.
Water companies around the world have successfully used our products because they help save time and money on installation, are modular and flexible, and can last a lifetime. Our Kee Klamp railing for example is still standing strong at Niagara Falls after 50 years.

Why use our systems?

Self install

No welding, cutting, threading or bolting required

Fall Protection

Our barriers meet every safety loading standard & are very easy to install


Our systems are corrosion resistant and will last a lifetime

Handrails & Guardrails

handrails for water industry

Our modular safety barriers and guardrails are a cost-effective alternative to traditional welded handrails. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they take a lot less time to install and maintain, and can be easily be replaced or reconfigured if there is ever a need to do so. Our barrier systems conform to stringent global industry standards and our fittings have been tested and approved by TÜV, one of Europe’s leading test houses.

We offer two guardrail versions: aluminium and galvanised steel. The handrail sections can include Toeboard as well, to prevent objects from falling over the edge of a surface.

Where you could need barriers:

  • Aeration tanks
  • Sedimentation tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Humus tanks
  • Digesters
  • Walking areas
  • Around machinery

We can help you design suitable aluminium or galvanised steel railing systems for almost any area.

A. Aluminium barriers

Our Kee Lite aluminium barrier systems use tubular fittings manufactured from a high grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium Alloy. The components are strong yet light, and extremely durable even in harsh environments. The aluminium railing has a smoother finish than our galvanised option.

B. Steel handrail

The Kee Klamp galvanised railing system uses hot dip galvanised cast iron for optimum corrosion resistance and durability. Super strong, our handrails can easily last a lifetime.


Safety gates

safety gates

Self-closing safety gates allow safe access in certain areas in and around the water plant. They can withstand downward pressure to 225 kg, were tested for 50k closures without failure and are incredibly corrosion resistant. Our safety gates come in various sizes, finishes and heights.

We can help you choose the correct safety gate and recommend suitable options for installing the gate on existing handrails or guardrails. Our safety gates are compatible with Kee Klamp, Kee Lite and KeeGuard systems, but can be fitted onto other types of systems too.

Step-over platforms

step-over platforms

Step-over platforms will help navigate various obstacles around the water plant, such as small and large pipes, parapets etc. A large variety of platforms is available to purchase direct online. We can also design bespoke platforms that will suit your specific requirements.

Platforms we do:

  • Large off-the-shelf step-overs
  • Large bespoke step-overs (to suit any available space and layout)
  • Mobile step-over platforms
  • Mini step-overs (suitable for cables and smaller obstacles)

Find our more about step-overs


Safety signs

safety signs

Safety signs have been designed to indicate possible hazards, restricted areas or mandatory actions. Kee Signs are sturdy aluminium plates which have excellent UV resistance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These can be used around restricted areas, warehouses, factories, on roofs or any other areas prone to hazards. Various fixing packs are available.

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