Kee Klamp handrail system installed at a water treatment facility

kee klamp handrail system for water treatment

Canwick Sewage Treatment Works has installed around 800 m of Kee Klamp handrail for protecting various areas of the water treatment facility. Waste water treatment facilities have many fall hazards, and larger facilities usually require hundreds of metres of railing.

Canwick chose Kee Klamp because of its cost-effectiveness, ease-of-installation, and corrosion resistance. The tube and fittings system were an excellent solution for this huge project. Below are a number of pictures from the site that show the flexibility and adaptability of the Kee Klamp railing system.

kee klamp handrail system installed around a water treatment

Attached to the side of the wall using a wall mounted base flange, the railing protrude above the wall edge to provide a protective barrier.

kee klamp guardrail

galvanised steel handrail system for water treatment

These handrail sections easily accommodate for changes in elevation.

kee klamp rail around stairs

Complex stairs and ramps can also be accommodated through the use the standard selection of fittings.

kee klamp barrier

kee klamp handrail configuration

Smaller simple railings can be attached to the top of walls through the use of a standard flange.

steel parapet railing

steel railing for water treatment facilities

Kee Klamp handrail systems are completely galvanised. Because there is no welding, the galvanisation stays intact resulting in a railing that will be much more resistant to corrosion than standard welded or fabricated railing.

handrail for sewage facility

handrail guardrail for water treatment

Smaller, more specialised sections of railing can be easily accommodated with the standard set of fittings.

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At Simplified Safety, we offer free design and configuration assistance. If you are developing a railing to protect an area, give our customer service team a call. We are happy to help you understand the different Kee Klamp fittings and even design the railing for you if you can provide the drawings of the protected area.

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