How do I inspect my harness?

Inspecting your fall arrest harness may seem a tiresome activity but should be an essential part of your routine. Break up the inspection into these steps.

1. Check the label

- Confirm that the label has an individual serial number

- Confirm that the label has a valid inspection date and that there were no reported problems

- Confirm the manufacturing date is present and that the harness does not exceed its working life*

2. Hardware check

Check condition of rear D Ring for:

- Distortion

- Fatigue / rust

- Cracking

- Burrs

- Nicks

- Excessive wear

Check plastic back plate, fasteners, web tidies, adjusters and connectors for:

- Excessive wear

- Cracks

- Damage

- Discolouration

3. Software check

- Hold the harness up by the shoulder straps and ensure that the webbing hangs evenly

- Connect buckles and ensure harness is not distorted and hangs correctly

- Check webbing for signs of UV damage

- Check webbing for signs of chemical damage (staining is a good indication of chemical damage and can be identified if the harness appears brittle or hardened)

- Check the condition of the webbing by running through thumb and forefinger

In all cases software, must be free from: -

- Cuts

- Fraying

- Excessive abrasion

If you encounter any problems or you are unsure that your harness fits to the standard defined above, replace it.

It is worth noting that proper care and cleaning of a fall arrest harness is just as important as the inspection itself.


- Store in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight

- Do not use a drying room to dry webbing products

- Do not stand on a harness when donning/removing

- Do not use marker pen or solvents

- Clean using non biological detergent at a low temperature


- Before an inspection, make sure that the equipment is clean.

- Wash in warm soapy water with a sponge and hang to dry naturally.

- Never expose to heat and never use a drying room.

*please note: working life defined by a valid and registered first issue certificate, if not available working life is set by your manufacturing date; five year working life is a guideline and harness working life is subject to individual manufacturer specifications.

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