Kee Walk roof walkway system
Anti-slip. Modular. Safe.

A safe, anti-slip, level walking surface that will help you navigate varying levels on roofs, uneven surfaces and potential obstructions. Kee Walk is a flexible system that uses adjustable step sections and has the ability to traverse a roof across the slope.

What is Kee Walk?


Kee Walk provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone, who needs to access a roof in the course of their work. It provides a clear demarcation route which protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage and uniformly distributes the pedestrian load across its surface.

Kee Walk is designed for modern roof types including composite or built up trapezoidal profile, standing seam metal roofs and membrane roofs. It can be used on flat, barrel and sloping roofs, with standard longitudinal, traverse sections and steps allowing access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0 to 35 degrees.

Kee Walk is also available with handrail, making the system even easier to use. Read more about Kee Walk with handrail here.

Why choose Kee Walk?

Pitched roof

Flexible solution

Adaptable to changing roof angles from 0 to 35 degrees.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to install

No bespoke parts required. On-site adjustment is possible.

Stay Safe

Safe system

Enhanced slip resistance. Glass reinforced Nylon treads and aluminium frame.

Roof walkway

No roof damage

Fixings do not damage the integrity of the roof surface.


Industry compliant

Complies with the test requirements of EN 516:2006.



Designed and tested to industry standards

EN516:2006 is the European standard for the test requirements of roof access walkways, which include measuring the deflection and residual deformation under specified loads. These criteria have been surpassed in all testing and as this is a harmonised standard allows the system to be CE marked under the European Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011.


Turn-key package or supply-only

Our safety systems are straight forward to install, but should you require installation services then we are happy to help. We are here for you every step of the way: get in touch with us, book a site survey and we can do the rest. Our team is happy to help!

Kee Walk system examples

Add guardrail to your
Kee Walk system

roof walkway with guardrail

Kee Walk is a modular system and can be customised to suit a series of roof layouts: add handrails on both sides or just one, end the walkway in a closed loop or add self-closing safety gates where necessary. Use Kee Walk as a collective fall protection solution when installing rails on both sides. Read more

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