Custom mobile working platforms
Designed to your specifications


Incredibly durable

Made of either galvanised steel or aluminium, our mobile working platforms have excellent strength and corrosion resistance.


Easy to manoeuvre

Our mobile access platforms are supplied with heavy duty wheels which makes them easy to move from area to area.


Tailored to suit any application

We designed working platforms for customers working in industries such as automotive, aircraft, railway or manufacturing.

Turn-Key Solutions

Peace of mind

Go for our turn-key service, where we handle the project from start to finish, from the initial site survey to product installation.

Why choose a
mobile platform?

Mobile work platforms are adaptable, portable workspaces (using castors) that allow elevated stable access where ladders or standard practices are not easily implemented. Usually used for maintenance and repair purposes, our modular units can be designed to suit a variety of applications and industries.

  • Designed to your exact specs – Our safety work platforms can be configured to suit your exact requirements. For example, our custom units can:
    • Be designed to suit awkward layouts
    • Be powder coated in your choice of RAL colour
    • Include additional handrails, self-closing gates or other safety features
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use - Our bridging access systems are either made of steel or aluminium, making them suitable for any environment. Our units can be used in factories, warehouses or even outdoors.
  • Various options available – We use galvanised steel or aluminium for our work platforms. These are corrosion resistant materials, meaning that they will not rust or deteriorate even when left outside.
  • Modular – Our platforms are modular units and are delivered to you pre-assembled. This makes them straight forward to put together and easy to repair or disassemble should this be required, with minimal operations downtime.

A mobile work platform
in any size you need

Tall and medium sized work platforms

These units are usually designed to help with:

  • Helicopter or plane maintenance
  • Train and heavy good vehicle repairs
  • Truck or other large machinery maintenance
  • Large scale welding
  • Plastering (in commercial and industrial environments)

Multiple people can use the high work platforms at the same time.

Case study

small mobile work platform

Small working platforms

Designed to assist a solo worker, our smaller units can be configured to suit your exact requirements. The small mobile work platforms are well suited for jobs such as:

  • Single user maintenance
  • Assessment and light repair work
  • Tightening of bolts
  • Spot welding, grinding or cutting jobs that only require the attention of one person.

These platforms can be easily re-located and do not require any additional personnel for safe working.

Installation options

We can help configure, deliver and install a safe platform, or you can go for a supply-only system to save costs: you decide the level of service you need from us.



Our platforms require no welding or fabrication on site, which means that you will not waste time or money on laborious installation. Go for a supply-only service if you are already familiar with our systems.

Certified Install

Site survey

We understand that sometimes you might need someone to asses your site and recommend a suitable solution. One of our specialists will arrange a site survey and discuss your requirements with you.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

If you are looking for a complete turn-key service, look no further. Our team can: conduct a site survey, advise on suitable solution, install the system for you and answer any of your questions.

Read about installation

Looking for other types of platforms?

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