Mobile work platform
Portable work spaces


A durable construction made of either galvanised steel or aluminium

Step-over platform

Tailored to suit any application

Easy to Assemble

Easy to assemble and move around


Complies to EN1004:2004, BE EN 1139-6:2005 and PAS 250


Can be designed to any size

Multi purpose mobile work platforms
Designed to your requirements

Mobile work platforms are adaptable, portable work spaces that allow elevated stable access where ladders or standard practices are not easily implemented. Made of either galvanised steel or aluminium, our mobile work platforms can be configured to suit any space. Due to their modular nature, they are really easy to maintain and repair (should they need this) too! Our bespoke mobile work platforms use Kee Klamp or Kee Lite fittings, making them secure and corrosion resistant systems that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

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