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Improve roof fall protection by integrating our cross over platforms and walkways with other roof edge protection systems, skylight guardrail access safety gates.

Step-over platform

Non-slip surfaces

Eliminate the hazard of slipping while traversing: our walkways and platforms use durable, high quality treads which incorporate raised roughened sections for extra grip.


Lasts decades

Our access steps and platforms are made of sturdy materials that have been designed to be kept on roofs all year round, no matter the weather, for decades.


No hassle solutions

Save time on your project by letting our experts help every step of the way, from the design stage to installation. Looking for a supply-only solution? We can do that too!

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Rooftop walkways and access steps to suit any layout

Our modular walkways and step up platforms will create a safe, non-slip walking area on virtually any type of roof, no matter the layout.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can design, supply and install a compliant roof access system that tackles changes in elevation or bulky obstacles, keeping your workers safe while they inspect the roof or perform the usual maintenance or repairing tasks.

Non-slip UV-resistant treads

Our anti-slip roof walkways and step-overs use either high grade nylon or aluminium treads which will ensure a good foot grip while giving you extra stability and confidence when navigating the roof.

The glass reinforced nylon treads also have excellent UV stability, which means they will not degrade under intense sunlight.

Collective fall protection

Both our rooftop walkways and bridging access platforms can be configured to provide collective fall protection.

All large step-overs include guardrails by default, while the roof walkway can be installed with or without a handrail. Adding rails to both sides of the walkway will allow multiple workers to use the system at the same time.

A walkway for flat or elevated roofs

Make walking on uneven roof surfaces safer with our modular walkway.

The system uses treads which can be configured to create a level walking surface on either slopes (with a max incline of 35°) by constructing sections of stairs on the roof or straight, flat walkway sections: the possibilities are endless.

Our solutions have been used to navigate various roofs around the world, from undulating airport roofs to flat roofs for historical building for example.

Move materials safely up and over rooftop obstacles

Avoid injury by using cross over platforms that can help you get up and over any size and shape obstacles on your roof.

Our step-over platforms will help you gain easy access to areas with differences in elevation or which are separated by obstructions such as high parapets, pipework, AC units or cable trays.

Don’t risk safety by inadequately moving materials or equipment across parapets or other hurdles: use a step-up platform to aid your work. Off-the-shelf and bespoke platforms available.

What level of service are you looking for?

We can help configure, deliver and install your rooftop safety solution, or you can go for a supply-only system to save costs: you decide the level of service you need from us.



Our platforms and walkways require no welding or fabrication on site, which means that you will not waste time or money on laborious installation. Go for a supply-only service if you are already familiar with our systems.

Certified Install

Site survey

We understand that sometimes you might need someone to asses your site and recommend a suitable solution. One of our specialists will arrange a site survey and discuss your fall protection needs with you.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

If you are looking for a complete turn-key service, look no further. Our team can: conduct a site survey, advise on suitable fall protection solutions, install the system for you and answer any of your questions.

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