Kee Walk roof walkway
with guardrail

This modular multi-tasker provides the highest level of collective fall protection for work at height. Comprising of a anti-slip walkway and galvanised steel or aluminium uprights, Kee Walk is easy to install and will last a lifetime. Just see for yourself.

About the system

roof walkway with guardrail

Kee Walk with guardrail is an anti-slip walkway system that allows users to access roofs safely. The system can also be used as a collective fall protection solution when installing guardrails on both sides. Users do not need special training to use the system: the walkway can be accessed using standard PPE with no special requirements.

Kee Walk is modular and can be customised to suit a series of roof layouts: add guardrails on both sides or just one, end the walkway in a closed loop or add self-closing safety gates where necessary. See our gallery for examples. Kee Walk is designed for use on roof pitched of up to 35 degrees. The system is quick and easy to install.



Pitched roof

Suited for changes in roof slope

The system is modular and can be used to provide safe walkway on any roof slope, even if the slope is variable (such as on curved roofs)


Perfect in any weather

KeeWalk features anti-slip treads which make it safe to walk on in all weather conditions. The treads will also not suffer from UV degradation in extreme sunlight


No special training required

Users do not require special training when using Kee Walk with handrail, making the system safe and easy to use for everyone working on a roof


Retro-fitting available

If you already have Kee Walk installed on your roof, then you can easily upgrade the system by adding the galvanised steel guardrail and other safety accessories (ie gates)



Designed and tested to industry standards

Kee Walk was designed to meet Global standards, and has been tested to prove compliance with your local and national codes.

The walkway is CE approved.

The walkway complies with EN 516 Class1-C

The integral guardrail complies with BS EN14122 Part 3, BS EN13374 Class A and OSHA 1926.502.

The Kee Walk with guardrail system uses glass fibre reinforced nylon treads which are Fire Rated to Class HB of UL94 (Harmonised with ISO 9772).

The system has been tested to provide Slip Resistance Compliant to BS 4592.


Guardrail can be attached to one side or both sides of the walkway

Man working on a roof using the Kee Walk system

Various guardrail terminations are available for the system

The rooftop walkway will keep anyone safe on a roof

Change in slope and direction on a Kee Walk system

Single guardrail upright

Double guardrail uprights

Kee Walk with double guardrail and a self-closing safety gate

The rooftop walkway system can end with a safety gate

Corner render of a Kee Walk system

Closed loop ending on a double guardrail system

Closed loop ending on a single guardrail system

Kee Walk can accommodate changes in roof slope

A double rail system for Kee Walk

Safety gate at the end of a walkway system

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