Step over platforms
Providing safe access over any rooftop obstacle

Comprehensive product range

Step overs are available in any configuration to suit most roofs

Approved to NS EN standards

All step overs are designed in accordance with EN 14122-3 for assured operation

Suitable to use in most environments

Made of corrosion resistant Kee Klamp fittings, our step-overs are suitable for all types of industrial environments.

Easy to assemble and repair

Our step-over systems do not require any specialist tools for assembly. Can be put together by 2 people in under 1 hour.

What is a Kee Walk Stepover?

Step over platforms for roofs

Our platforms are designed to provide a safe means of access up and over obstructions on the roof. They act as bridges over obstacles such as pipes and industrial machinery and can be used on as variety of roof types, from membrane, concrete or metal. They are easy to assemble and maintain and are suitable for use in any kind of environment. We have designed the step-overs in accordance with EN14122-3 for assured operation. Once installed, the Kee Walk step-over provides safe access and demarcation of allowable walking routes.

Obstacle types

Air-con systems

Air-con systems

Perfect for maintenance teams, the step-over platform will provide safe access over air conditioning units.


No matter how high a parapet is, a step-over platform will provide safe access to the other side of the wall.


A step-over platform will easily provide access over roof piping systems.

Kee Walk step-overs in a nutshell

Stepover infographic

Step-over system examples

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