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Step overs are available in any configuration to suit most industries. Use on roofs to go up and over large piping, parapets, or cable trays and low-lying pipework.

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Compliant to industry standards

Our step platforms are designed in accordance with UK and EU safety standards for assured operation. Bespoke units can be designed to suit your project.


Suitable for most environments

Made of corrosion resistant Kee Klamp fittings and featuring anti-slip threads, our safety step platforms suit all types of industrial environments and can even be permanently left on a roof.


For your piece of mind

Our safety experts will provide assistance from start to finish. We will answer your questions, design solutions and provide drawings, organise site surveys and even help you install the units. Just get in touch.

What is a stepover platform?

Our Kee Walk step up platforms are designed to provide a safe means of access up and over obstructions on the roof or any other area. They act as bridges over obstacles such as pipes and industrial machinery and can be used on a variety of roof types (from membrane, concrete or metal) or in various other environments (such as factories, warehouses).

They are easy to assemble and maintain, ensuring the safety of workers. We have designed the large step-overs in accordance with EN14122-3 for assured operation. Our mini step-overs, which are suitable for cable trays and low-lying pipework, are compliant to EN516 Class 1-C. Once installed, the Kee Walk step-over provides safe access and demarcation of allowable walking routes.

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Platform styles

Our up and over step platforms come in a variety of designs, sizes and finishes. Whatever your requirements are, we’ve got a solution for you.

Modular or prefabricated
industrial step platforms

All of our step-over platforms are modular units, making them easy to assemble on site without the need of welding.

They are easier to repair too should any section get damaged in time by just removing said section and replacing it with a new one, with minimal down-time. However, sometimes our modular units will not suit the requirements of your project; this is when our team will recommend a prefabricated platform that will tick all the boxes.

Platforms to use
on a rooftop or indoors

Our steps and platforms can be used both indoors and outdoors.

We use high quality, industrial strength materials (such as galvanised steel or aluminium) when building our units, which means that the products will not rot or rust. Powder coating is available.

Use the cross-over step platforms indoors (in factories, warehouses) or outdoors (on roofs) with the confidence that they will stand the test of time.

Industrial cross over platforms built in
any size you need

We will design and build step-over platforms to suit your specific requirements. From cable tray step-overs (our mini versions) to plant access installations, power tower access platforms, rooftop units (our large units) and anything in between – we are here to assist

Fixed, freestanding or mobile

You can choose from a variety of feet options for your platform:

  • PVC counterweights for a freestanding option: Our freestanding rooftop stepovers, for example, use these types of feet so that the roof membrane is not penetrated.
  • Kee Klamp fittings for a fixed version: Our fixed platforms use galvanised steel flanges which require drilling into the ground. This ensures that the platform will not move.
  • Heavy duty castors for mobile work platforms: Our mobile step units are usually used for vehicle maintenance or other similar tasks and require a lot of moving around. This is when a wheeled unit is needed.

Typical uses
for step-over platforms

Step-overs are versatile products that provide a safe, non-slip route over any obstacle or offer access to otherwise hard to reach areas, such as AC units, large vehicles (coaches, trains) or tall industrial shelves for example.

Some of the typical uses for platforms are:

  • To help you navigate over rooftop obstacles - Obstacles include parapets, changes in height, pipes, cables or other units such as AC.
  • To provide maintenance for large vehicles - Our units can be configured to help service buses, lorries or trains.
  • To provide maintenance for aircrafts - We can design bespoke platforms to help with the repair and maintenance of planes or helicopters.
  • Access to other hard to reach areas - Platforms can also be used to access areas otherwise hard to reach such as tall industrial shelving units in warehouses or the top of AC units on a roof. Small or larger stairs units can be used to allow access to various entrances such as the ones for lift shafts on roofs.
  • Bridging over conveyor belts - Step-overs can be built to any size to facilitate access over industrial units such as conveyor belts for example.

Obstacle types

Air-con systems

Air-con systems

Perfect for maintenance teams, the step-over platform will provide safe access over air conditioning units.
Roof parapets

Roof parapets

No matter how high a parapet is, a step-over platform will provide safe access to the other side of the wall.


A step-over platform will easily provide access over roof piping systems.
Cable trays

Cable trays

A mini step-over platform can be quickly installed over cable trays and other similar obstacles.
Low level pipework

Low level pipework

Mini step-overs can help you navigate other trip hazards such as low level pipework.

Installation options

We can help configure, deliver and install your rooftop safety solution, or you can go for a supply-only system to save costs: you decide the level of service you need from us.



Our platforms require no welding or fabrication on site, which means that you will not waste time or money on laborious installation. Go for a supply-only service if you are already familiar with our systems.

Certified Install

Site survey

We understand that sometimes you might need someone to asses your site and recommend a suitable solution. One of our specialists will arrange a site survey and discuss your requirements with you.

Turn-Key Solutions

Full installation

If you are looking for a complete turn-key service, look no further. Our team can: conduct a site survey, advise on suitable solution, install the system for you and answer any of your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a step-over platform?

A step-over is a bridge-type structure designed to allow safe access over various obstacles such as ducting, parapet walls, pipework, plant equipment or any other obstructions.

Used correctly, it improves roof safety, while making maintenance work easier. Depending on its design, a step-over can be installed on roofs or on the ground and can be freestanding or fixed into the floor.

What is a Kee Walk step-over?

A Kee Walk step-over is an easy-to-configure bridge-type structure designed to work on roofs. It is a modular system made of either galvanised steel or aluminium, which makes it resistant to severe weather conditions.

A Kee Walk step-over can be configured to suit most layouts, is easy to install and repair.

The system features treads made of glass re-enforced nylon, which are designed to reduce the possibility of slipping. This makes them safe to use in wet conditions.

Our access step-over requires no welding or drilling and can be quickly installed on site.

Can I buy a roof step-over directly online?

Yes. We now stock a range of standardised step-overs that can be ordered directly online and shipped to you immediately.

See all platforms suitable for obstacles 600 mm - 1400 mm high

See all platforms suitable for obstacles 200 mm - 400 mm high

If none of the off-the-shelf solutions suit your project, we also offer bespoke systems. Read more

What type of roofs are the Kee Walk step-overs suitable for?

Our range of standardised step-overs includes systems that you can use on membrane, asphalt, PVC and concrete roofs.

If your roof is made of any other material, just get in touch with us and we will be able to help.

What standards do your Kee Walk standardised step-overs adhere to?

Our large, standardised Kee Walk step-overs are designed in accordance with BS EN 14122-3. Our mini step-overs are compliant to EN 516 Class 1-C.

How long does it usually take to install one of your step-overs?

Our large standardised step-overs, for example, can be installed within 2 hours by a team of 2 people. The mini step-overs can be installed by 1 person, in less time. For bespoke solutions, installation times may differ depending on the complexity of the system.

I need a large step-over platform for my concrete roof. What system do you suggest?

We now offer a range of standardised step-overs suitable for concrete roofs. These are suitable for tackling obstacles that are up to 1.4m wide and between 0.6 – 1.4m. See the full range of standardised step overs

If these standardised systems are not the right choice for your roof, please send us your details and we will be able to provide a quote for a bespoke platform. Read more about bespoke pipe step overs

I need a large step-over platform for my membrane / asphalt / PVC roof. What system do you suggest?

We now offer a range of standardised step-overs suitable for membrane, asphalt or PVC roofs. These are suitable for tackling obstacles that are up to 1.4m wide and between 0.6 – 1.4m. See the full range of standardised step overs

If these standardised systems are not the right choice for your roof, please send us your details and we will be able to provide a quote for a bespoke platform. Read more about our bespoke roof walk-overs

I need a large step-over platform for my metal roof. What system do you suggest?

If you need a step-over to be installed on a metal roof, get in touch with your requirements.

Our technical department will be able to provide a quote for a suitable system. Read about our bespoke step over units

How do I put a large step-over together?

Our standardised step-overs come with a comprehensive IFU and drawing pack. All fittings will be pre-fitted, forming pre-assembled units for easy construction on site.

See how to install a standardised step-over unit

How will my standardised step-over arrive?

If you order a Kee Walk standardised step-over, this will arrive packed onto one single pallet. All fittings will be pre-fitted, forming pre-assembled units for easy construction on site.

What is the lead time on delivery for a standardised step-over?

A standardised step-over is usually shipped within one working day from receiving the payment from you. For custom step-overs, we will require more time to design the system for you. Our advisers will notify you of the waiting times as soon as you make an enquiry.

Looking for other types of platforms?

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Looking for a bespoke step-over platform? Either browse our bespoke step-over gallery for a quote or send over your requirements.

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