Bespoke step-over platforms
Custom made to tackle just about any roof obstacle

Step-over platform

Suitable for metal roofs

Easy to Assemble

Easy to install on site and repair

Code Expertise

Compliant with EN 14122-3

Turn-Key Solutions

Custom designed to suit any requirements

Custom roof platforms

Custom step-over platforms for roofs

Step-over platforms are an ideal solution to gain safe access where normal access can be impacted due to plant, machinery or even the configuration of the roof. We can design safe and compliant platforms to suit any roof configuration. Our step-over platforms are made using Kee Klamp fittings and galvanised steel tube, making them corrosion resistant, easy to install and repair. Our platforms also use Kee Walk treads which are made of glass re-enforced nylon, designed to reduce the possibility of slipping.

Obstacle types

Air-con systems

Air-con systems

Perfect for maintenance teams, the step-over platform will provide safe access over air conditioning units.


No matter how high a parapet is, a step-over platform will provide safe access to the other side of the wall.


A step-over platform will easily provide access over roof piping systems.
Cable trays

Cable trays

A mini step-over platform can be quickly installed over cable trays and other similar obstacles.
Low level pipework

Low level pipework

Mini step-overs can help you navigate other trip hazards such as low level pipework.

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