Off-the-shelf roof platforms

Suitable for obstacles between 600 - 1400 mm high

Step-over platform


Our large platform kits are suitable for use on membrane, asphalt, PVC and concrete roofs, or on factory floors, and will help you tackle most obstacles.


Easy installation

Our large platform kits come part-assembled for an easy installation on site. They include a full IFU assembly guide and drawing pack.

Code Expertise

Industry compliance

The off-the-shelf stepovers comply with EN 14122-3 and they are built using Kee Klamp fittings, which are TUV approved.


Incredibly durable

Made of galvanised steel and anti-slip treads, these stepover platforms can be used outdoors or indoors, all year round.

Why choose a standard platform?

Our standardised step-over platforms accommodate safe passage over obstacles present on membrane or concrete roofs.

  • Versatile: they suit a large variety of obstacles, from parapets, large pipes or AC systems.
  • Large product range: freestanding or fixed, suited to obstacles between 0.4m - 1.4m high and 1m wide.
  • Anti-slip: safe access using non-slip treads
  • Corrosion resistant: made of galvanised steel and tube, which have excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Quick installation: the units will be delivered to you part-assembled and including installation instructions. The unit can be assembled by 2 people in less than 2 hrs.
  • Quick delivery: because they are standard products, we keep our off-the-shelf stepover platforms in stock at any time. They can be ordered directly online and delivered to you within days.
standard stepover platform

Obstacle types

Air-con systems

Air-con systems

Perfect for maintenance teams, the step-over platform will provide safe access over air conditioning units.
Roof parapets

Roof parapets

No matter how high a parapet is, a step-over platform will provide safe access to the other side of the wall.


A step-over platform will easily provide access over roof piping systems.

Installation instructions

When designing our Kee Walk standardised step-overs, we wanted to make them easy to put together and maintain, while keeping you perfectly safe at the same time. Our installation guide focuses on a step-over platform designed for use on membrane, asphalt or PVC roofs and includes large PVC feet.

Read our installation guide
stepover platform installation

Looking for other types of platforms?

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Looking for a bespoke step-over platform? Either browse our bespoke step-over gallery for a quote or send over your requirements.

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