Typical uses
for step-over platforms

We can build step-overs
For any purpose

Step-overs are versatile products that provide a safe, non-slip route over any obstacle or offer access to otherwise hard to reach areas, such as AC units, large vehicles (coaches, trains) or tall industrial shelves for example.

Some of the typical uses for platforms are:

  • To help you navigate over rooftop obstacles - Obstacles include parapets, changes in height, pipes, cables or other units such as AC.
  • To provide maintenance for large vehicles - Our units can be configured to help service buses, lorries or trains.
  • To provide maintenance for aircrafts - We can design bespoke platforms to help with the repair and maintenance of planes or helicopters.
  • Access to other hard to reach areas - Platforms can also be used to access areas otherwise hard to reach such as tall industrial shelving units in warehouses or the top of AC units on a roof.
  • Bridging over conveyor belts - Step-overs can be built to any size to facilitate access over industrial units such as conveyor belts for example.
  • To provide access to entrances - Small or larger stairs units can be used to allow access to various entrances such as the ones for lift shafts on roofs.

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