Easi-Dec platforms for work at height
Safe, rapid access to roofs and roof line level


Cost effective platforms for working at height


Quick and easy to construct solutions


Various adjustable solutions available


Lightweight and compact, easier to use and transport than traditional systems

Work platform

The Easi Dec work platforms are easy-to-use units that will help you work at height safely in a variety of scenarios. They either provide access to roof line level (using adjustable telescopic legs) or help you work on various roof surfaces. The platforms can be assembled in a matter of minutes and they are easy to transport and handle.

Easi-Dec access platforms

Easi-Dec platforms gallery

2m Easi-Dec platform

8m Roofline system

Rolling window bar supplied with the Easi-Dec 2m platform

8m Roofline platform

2m Easi-Dec platform for bridge maintenance

2m Easi-Dec platform for a roof maintenance

2m Easi-Dec platform for domestic roof maintenance

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