Telescopic work platforms
and other scaffolding alternatives

Easi Dec work platforms come in a variety of designs, depending on your requirements. Helping you gain easy and safe access to either the roof or roof line, our platforms are an excellent alternative to the traditional scaffolding systems.

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A roof access platform that works for you

Our Easi Dec work platforms come in a wide range of designs and sizes, offering a safe solution for your specific requirements. Depending on the design you choose, an Easi Dec platform is typically used in one of the following cases:

  • As an alternatives to traditional scaffolding
  • For cleaning, maintaining or repairing sections of a roof
  • For window maintenance and replacement
  • For soffit and gutter maintenance

Quick and easy to construct

Easi Dec platforms are easy to construct and can offer you the flexibility you need. The roofline access platforms mostly feature telescopic legs which will help you achieve the platform length you are looking for.

All platforms can be assembled quickly (some in a matter of minutes) and they are easy to transport and handle.

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easi dec work platform

Lightweight and compact

The Easi Dec platforms have been designed to be easy to transport and fit in a van. Usually made of aluminium or other lightweight materials, these are easier to move around, set up and use than traditional scaffolding or other alternatives.

Cost effective in the long run

While they are not available for hire, Easi Dec products are made to be used over and over, lasting, with adequate care years to come. Being incredibly quick to install and dismantle, these platforms will save you time and costs. Compared to traditional scaffolding systems (which can take days to set up and dismantle), Easi Dec platforms take less than an hour to install and remove.

easi dec work platform

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