Valley Walk - Mobile cage for valley gutter maintenance (Easi Dec)

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Model: ED040041A

Product Description

Valley Walk is a lightweight, mobile frame designed for light maintenance of valley gutters (inspection, cleaning, resealing). Suitable for use on fragile roofs.

Technical details

  • Wing size: 1000mm L x 1350mm W (each)
  • Cage size: 1480mm L x 555mm W (internal)
  • Total span: 2600mm (approx)
  • Material: 6082T6 high grade aluminium
  • Total weight: 24 kg.

valley gutter platform
gutter maintenance platform

Designed to keep you safe

All Easi Dec products are designed with the safety of the user in mind. Valley Walk is compliant with EN 12811.


  • Always familiarise yourself with the Valley-Walk 'Information for use' document before starting any work.
  • Never step out of the Valley-Walk frame once in the valley/gutter.
  • Wear a safety harness and connect a short lanyard as a reminder not to step out of the frame.
  • Work to the HSE Working at Height Guidelines and Working on Fragile Roof Guidelines at all times.
  • Do not use in adverse weather conditions.
  • Assess the roof for condition and suitability. Complete a risk assessment. Valley-Walk does not provide Fall Arrest or Restraint.
  • Always make sure all pin and ‘R’ clips are secured.

How to use on asbestos roofs

Valley Walk can be used on fragile roofs and for the maintenance of valley gutters on asbestos roofs as long as the valley gutter itself is not made of asbestos.

Never walk or touch an asbestos surface, as this could be fatal. [Read about the dangers of asbestos on HSE]

gutter cleaning platform for commercial roofs

Easy to assemble and use

Valley Walk is lightweight and therefore can be installed and taken down in under 30 minutes. This will help save you time and money in the long run as no specialised labour is required and no time is wasted with the assembly of the system.

The system adjusts to most roof angles and is suitable for symmetrical valleys and can be adjusted to suit asymmetrical designs such as northern lights.

Once assembled, Valley Walk is suitable for one or 2 users.

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Additional Information

long part ED040041A
Dimensional Weight (kgs) 28.0000
Weight (kgs) 28
Size (H x L x D) 1480mm x 750mm x 550mm (cage)
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