Stepover units to accommodate changes in roof level

Location: London, UK
Products: Stepover platforms

Five stepovers were designed and delivered to this residential apartment building to allow safe access to various areas of the roof where maintenance and cleaning was required. The roof presented changes in level which were tackled through the custom design of the platform units.

Assessing the fall protection needs

For this prestigious residential apartment building in London, roofwork went wrong when the initial contractors appointed for the project left before the job was complete, which caused damage to the roof surface. The new contractors, Aspire Home, were brought on board to fix the damages. Part of the project scope was to also provide safe access to all roof areas where maintenance and cleaning is required.

platform on flat roof

Large AC units that would need servicing regularly

The site presented a series of very large air units that would need navigating around for maintenance purposes. The only way this could be achieved was through the design of an obstacle-free, walkable area. The 9 platforms we proposed would tackle large pipework and other obstructions present on the roof, allowing maintenance teams to do their job safely.

As various units on the roof required regular maintenance and servicing, being able to safely move from one area to another was crucial. One of the particularities of this roof was the fact that it presented changes in level of up to 1.8m and needed a series of bridge structures to address this. Previously, these areas had been accessed via mobile ladders, which were not suitable means of access in this situation, especially as maintenance workers would often carry tools with them.

freestanding roof stepover

5 bespoke platforms for safe access

Following a site survey, our team put together a proposal for 5 custom stepovers that would allow for safe access from one area of the roof to another.

The smallest unit addressed a change in floor level of 0.6m, while the largest unit accommodated a change in level of around 1.6m.

mini stepover platform drawing

The smallest unit of the 5 stepovers proposed for this roof in London

platform over pipework

The largest unit of the 5 stepovers proposed for this roof in London

These units would ensure that maintenance teams could go about their tasks safely, without the need to use mobile ladders. Safely carrying tools and materials from one area to another was an important requirement for the project and this was achieved through the replacement of ladders with the anti-slip stepover units.

stepover on roof

The units are made of galvanised steel, which makes them incredibly durable in any type of weather and they feature non-slip treads and walking surfaces for added safety.

Thoughts on installation

Being modular and using a straight-forward fittings and tube system, these platforms could be installed by the contractors overseeing the project. This meant that the customer saved money by tackling the installation themselves. Our team provides a turn-key service for our fall protection solutions, but our solutions are straight-forward to install, which means that we work on a supply-only basis too.

stepover for different roof levels

If you are looking for a bespoke platform to help you access various areas of the roof, then get in touch with our team to discuss your project. We will organise a site visit and, together, we will find the perfect solution for your fall protection needs.

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