Kee Klamp and KeeGuard protect roof edge of telecoms giant

This recent project undertaken on behalf of a Facilities Management company to protect the cooling tower area of a large office block, involved two of our edge protection products, Kee Guard and Kee Klamp guardrail. After a full inspection and risk assessment was undertaken, it was recommended both were utilised to provide the best fit solution to a number of fall protection issues identified by the report, these would also replace existing systems where they were deemed potential risks.

Our grating clips were also used where the installation teams needed to connect the barrier systems to grating.

Telecomms safety solutions

This area only had a small amount of chain protecting the edge, something that can be removed too easily and has minimal protection, a KeeGuard system was used to better protect the fall hazard.

safety solutions

A Kee Klamp barrier was utilised here to ensure that there is a gap between the railing and the edge of the fall hazard, altogether a safer method of working.

And finally in areas where there was no fall protection whatsoever, a Kee Klamp barrier was installed to ensure that there is a degree of safety while essential maintenance could be performed on the overhead pipework.

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  • Doesn't penetrate the roof
  • Will last decades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Exceeds EN standards
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