Example of how Kee Klamp guardrails can be used around a water treatment plant

handrail installed around a sedimentation tank

This case study shows how Kee Klamp fittings can be used to create guardrail systems suitable for wastewater treatment plants. This particular project focused on safeguarding the edges of pump houses, water storage wells and various walkways.

kee klamp guardrail for water plant

The Kee Klamp system was chosen for this project because of its durability and high corrosion resistance, but also because it would entail a very quick and easy installation, saving a lot of time and costs.

key clamps railing around edges

Various fittings were used to create barriers on the edges of plant walkways, but also for handrails on stairs. This would ensure that maintenance teams would easily and safely access various areas of the plant.

kee klamp rails along walkways

handrails on edges of water treatment plant

The handrail was installed throughout the entire facility, including on bridges, and especially where pedestrian access was required.

kee klamp railing installed around plant walkways and bridges

kee klamp guardrail

Machinery and venting equipment were also surrounded by the sturdy guardrail.

fittings and tube railing around venting

kee klamp railing for a water plant

How can you improve safety around a water plant?

Water plants usually require guardrails and clear delimitation systems to help people access and maintain certain areas safely. Sometimes, depending on the layout, safety gates or step-over platforms may be required too. Due to the nature of the industry, all systems used need to have high corrosion resistance as these will be exposed to high humidity and even harsh weather conditions.

Using durable materials such as aluminium or galvanised steel when constructing the handrails is imperative. The Kee Klamp and Kee Lite systems will ensure durability for decades with minimum maintenance. Our Kee Klamp handrail was even used to guardrail pedestrian areas around Niagara Falls!

Ease of installation is another important aspect you need to look at when choosing a handrail for water plants. Our rails require no welding on site and can be put together using an allen key in no time. If ever damaged, sections of the railing can easily be removed by untightening the grub screws and replacing the damaged areas only. This means that there will be almost no down time when it comes to the smooth operation of the plant.

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