Kee Klamp trolley bay

Originally designed to create cattle and horse pens, Kee Klamp has been used to create a wide and wonderful array of solutions, a common use is to corral shopping trolleys, the ability to expand, adapt and replace sections makes Kee Klamp an ideal solution.

Kee Klamp Trolley BaysKee Klamp Trolley Bays

Commonly used in car parks, shopping or airport luggage trolley bays are often subject to impacts by careless motorists and being able to replace sections without having to weld or replace the entire solution is invaluable.

Kee Klamp Trolley BaysKee Klamp Trolley Bays

Being left in the elements means that corrosion protection is very important, using Galvanised tube and fittings, Kee Klamp Shopping trolley bays are sure to stands the test of time.

Looking for a handrail solution for your project?

  • Kee Klamp galvanised steel handrails
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be configured to suit any space
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