Radio tower safety solution, simplified

We are very proud of our self closing gate. It’s easy to install design and adaptable 'one size fits most' principle is something we put a lot of thought and effort into and which is what attracted the largest telecommunications company in the UK to the product.

Roof safety gate galvanised

The problem our customer faced was after the removal of safety cages following the installation of a new vertical fall protection system, they were left with open voids at the top of ladders of their radio towers. To complicate matters these radio towers host a variety of different handrail and ladder designs for a multitude of remote sites in some of the harshest environments the British Isles has to offer.

Roof safety systems

To complete their complete fall protection solution, our customer required a durable, weather resistant gate system that would stand up to coastal corrosion, that was easy to assemble on site and could be adapted to suit the different handrail arrangements that differ from tower to tower, whether they be tubular, box-section or angle plate handrail.

With one minor modification, we provided our customer with a gate kit that can be adapted for every scenario.

Further consideration was made into making the gate easy to open when climbing a ladder while also taking into account that its important to keep the open void protected during high winds, as a result, a further modification was made to allow a “latch” arrangement which is easy to lift up to open while also closing automatically on a high tension to ensure that the wind at elevated height will not keep the gate open.

Galvanised steel safety gates telecomms

Fully galvanised, our safety gate is resistant to all but the harshest of environments and in all but the most corrosive environments, should last for 20+ years!

Another benefit of our self closing gates is that as the gate is modular, any damage to the gate can be quickly remedied as the hinge, spring and even the barrier section can be easily replaced.

We were pleased to assist this telecommunications giant in their goal to ensure that their workers can enjoy a safe working environment no matter the location.

Self-closing industrial gates

  • Self-closing
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Holds up under severe industrial conditions
  • Meets BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016
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