A quick-to-install roof handrail system for the safety of maintenance teams

Location: Sungard Availability Services Data Centre, London, UK
Products: KeeGuard

When one roof section of this data centre required refurbishment, the contractors in charge with the project decided to install a safety railing that would enable them to safely paint and repair the area.

The rail would also act as a permanent barrier between the roof edge and other maintenance teams that would be required to work on the roof.

Assessing the fall protection needs

During the site survey, we discussed the customer’s fall protection requirements for the roof:

Workers needed to be protected from falling over the edge

The immediate goal of the contractors we were working with was to repair and paint a section of the building roof. The area was not protected and there was a high risk of falling over the edge. The workers could have not completed the project safely without a safety handrail and therefore they required a system to be put in place quickly.

guardrail installed on flat roof

A permanent fall protection solution was required

The handrail system needed to be a permanent solution. This was because the roof would need to be accessed periodically for maintenance purposes. A guardrail system was the preferred solution as it would protect any users going on a roof (and required no training).

There was an existing fixed handrail that we needed to connect the rail to

At the same time, a small section of the roof already had a fixed rail section attached to it. The new system would have to match the old section (or we would need to find a way of connecting the two).

roof edge protection for data centre building

Addressing the fall protection needs

We installed 40m of our KeeGuard roof edge protection for permanent fall protection, as well as two anchor points for maintenance teams to use in restraint if they ever need access beyond the guarded area.

With KeeGuard, even if changes in layout are required, these can be done on site with no specialist tools or the need for specialist training. The system is modular and sections can be removed and replaced straight away.

The entire roof is now safe to work on and maintenance teams can access and service it anytime needed.

If you are looking for a quick-to-install roof edge protection system to keep workers safe while doing their maintenance work, then get in touch with our fall protection specialists today.

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