Bespoke fleet maintenance platform for Scania buses

mobile platform for bus maintenance

Reading Transport was looking for a bespoke maintenance platform for their line of renewable energy Scania buses.

Their requirements were:

  • They needed an open air solution. Because the buses were running on CNG (compressed natural gas), the maintenance crew could not service the vehicles in the existing maintenance sheds due to a potential risk of gas build-up. Being used outdoors, the platform also had to be corrosion resistant.
  • The platform needed to be portable and configurable, so that the engineers could access different areas of the buses and reconfigure the platform as needed.
  • The unit had to be lightweight and easily to handle by a small maintenance team.
  • Of course, the system also needed to be safe and stable.

mobile platform for large vehicles

The Simplified Safety team designed and built a mobile, modular bespoke platform. This was made of aluminium, satisfying the requirement of it being easy to handle as well as presenting excellent anti-corrosion properties.

The entire system consisted of several smaller platforms that interlocked to accommodate a variety of configurations.

large fleet maintenance stepover

Made from our high strength aluminium Kee Lite fittings and tube, the solution is lightweight and easily portable, which maintains a high safety factor allowing the maintenance teams and their equipment full secure access to the entire bus.

maintenance engineer using a bespoke platform for buses

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