Scania-ADL maintenance platform

A modular mobile work platform designed for bus maintenance

It is always exciting when you receive a challenge and Reading Transport certainly presented us with one. In their drive to become carbon neutral and reduce their impact on the environment, they are the first company in the UK to invest in a line of Scania-ADL gas powered buses. These vehicles run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which is a renewable energy source.

Mobile work platform

The team in Reading was looking for a solution that would enable them to service and maintain the new fleet.

The obstacles presented were:

  • They could not use their existing maintenance sheds, as the gas could build up, presenting a fire/safety risk. This meant that they needed an open air solution.
  • The solution had to be portable and configurable, so that they could use in different areas and for different setups.
  • The platform needed to be lightweight, suitable for a small maintenance team.
  • They needed a corrosion resistant solution.
  • Obviously, the system needed to be safe and stable.

After some deliberation and consulting with the users who would be servicing the Scania-ADL Gas buses, we agreed the best solution would be a modular platform arrangement that would interlock, providing a variety of different configurations, but ultimately one that would provide an all encompassing Maintenance Platform around the entire Scania-ADL Bus.

Mobile work platform

The entire system was made up of sections that could be connected together to provide a variety of different platforms.

Made from our high strength aluminium Kee Lite fittings, the solution is lightweight and easily portable, which maintains a high safety factor allowing the maintenance teams and their equipment full secure access to the entire bus.

Mobile work platforms

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