Kee Klamp's 80th birthday

Kee Klamp the original tube fitting is celebrating its 80th birthday!

Originally designed in 1934 by Gascoignes Ltd as a quick way for Farmers to create milking pens for Cattle, the company became Kee Klamp Ltd and the product took on a life of its own allowing all kinds of structures to be easily created without the need to weld or thread tube.

Sold all over the world, Kee Klamp the range was developed into the largest in the world and available in a variety of diameters, Kee Lite was introduced in 2003 providing an aluminium version offering the same usability in a light weight form.

Kee Klamp climbing structure

I’ve been raiding the archives and found a few interesting applications, this one which we think dates back to the 1940’s or 50’s is.... well, we are not entirely sure? The jury is still out as to whether this was a climbing frame, drying rack or something else entirely, primarily using the simple 10 fitting, it uses the 75 collar to re-enforce the 10 to reduce slippage, suggesting that this was a climbing frame, however its positioning near the window and its fixed (but foldable) positioning to the wall shouts “drying rack”. Suggestions in the comments box below, my favourite one may get highlighted and its author rewarded.

Kee Klamp handrail

One of the main uses for Kee Klamp fittings since its inception has been to build handrail barrier systems. This particular barrier appears to be the grandfather of the roadway crash barrier, being a 5 rail barrier with very small bay centres, it is well suited for the job of protecting cars from the river edge and shows just how strong fittings can be.

Kee Klamp structure

I chose this picture as it shows the ingenuity of the original creators of the Kee Klamp, most, if not all of the primary fittings used in this picture are still used today, how is that for engineering forethought? I see many examples of the use of the 70, 62, c50, 25, 21, 26, and 10 fittings in the creation of these work sheds, strangely enough, this list comprises of our best-selling fittings!

I wonder if Mister Gascoigne ever envisioned his creation in the use would still be going strong all these years later building items as diverse as guardrails, handrails, furniture, storage shop fittings, storage racks, roof safety systems, solar panel supports, wind turbine supports, climbing frames, canopies, green houses, architectural features, lighting rigs, bar fittings, see saws, hobby projects, bike racks, sign supports, trellis.

The only limitation is your imagination!

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